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How to Make Your Office Carpets Last Longer

Commercial carpets are a stylish way to decorate your office. However, if you do not take necessary care, even the most durable investment will be rendered worthless without completing its lifetime. Therefore, if you are interested in learning how to elongate the life of your office carpets, these tips will help you:

Vacuum Daily

You may not realize it but the dust settles deep within the fibers of the carpets. To avoid dust from penetrating inside, ensure that the office carpets are vacuumed daily. Create a cleaning regimen and make sure that it is followed. The carpets can be cleaned before the employees come in or after they have left.

Place Doormats

In a professional environment, it isn’t right to implement “take off your shoes” policy. The best way to deal with the proper prevention of dust and debris from getting inside the high-traffic carpeted rooms is to place door mats outside. A good quality door mat will remove most of the dust lodged in the shoes outside and can reduce the amount of dust entering in the room.

Place Chair Mats

Chair mats are often overlooked but when it comes to protecting your business investments, such as an expensive commercial carpet, they are an accessory that cannot be neglected. Chair mats play an important role in making the official carpets last longer. They will protect the carpets from spillage accidents and shield the carpet fibers from being scratched or flattened by the chair casters.

Invest in Rugs

Adding an additional layer of carpeting over the high-traffic zones will make sure that the commercial carpets are protected from the abrasive action of muddied stomping feet. However, before you procure a rug, you should look at the manufacturer’s guide and learn about the possibility of the carpet dye staining the carpet. You should clean the rugs regularly and replace them too if necessary.

Keep them in Shade

To ensure that the carpets retain their aesthetic appearance for long periods of time, it is important that you cover the office windows through blinds or shades. Direct sunlight can cause the carpets to fade.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

This is extremely essential to give your commercial carpets a rejuvenated look. Professional carpet cleaning ought to be done annually at least. Professional technicians use efficient techniques to clean and restore the carpets, such as pile lifting, spot cleaning, vacuuming, and deep cleaning through ho water extraction methods. Expert and specialized carpet cleaning methods enhance the appearance of the carpets and make your workplace hygienic.

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