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How to Decorate a Corporate Workspace [Part 1]

Your corporate workspace isn’t just a place where your employees come in to do their jobs. It’s a carefully curated area that boosts employee morale and productivity, and helps them be as creative as possible.

The décor and overall vibe of your workspace can enhance this. Research shows that the aesthetics of a workplace improve employee productivity, while also making positive impressions on visitors and guests. This is why you can’t take your office décor lightly.

Here are a few things you can do to decorate your corporate workspace.

Add Statement Furniture to Your Space

When choosing furniture for your corporate workspace, don’t just focus on the practicality of the items you want to buy. Also factor in the overall aesthetic you want to achieve.

A stylish set of furniture can lift the aura of your workspace, elevating the feel of the room immensely. For instance, instead of choosing bleak and block-like sofas for your waiting area, why not add something more luxurious and comfortable? Since the waiting lobby is mostly used by guests and clients, this will make for a great first impression. Similarly, you can add statement pieces such as a unique shelf or a modern-design coffee table for greater impact.

 waiting lobby in a corporate building with modern furniture

The type of furniture you choose for your corporate sets the tone for how you want it to be perceived. Dull and boring or elegant and sophisticated? You decide.

Use Light Colors for Larger Spaces

A great way to make your workspace stand out and actually make the rooms look larger than they are is by incorporating a light color scheme. Using whites and neutral tones make the area look roomier, while also giving the space a light and comfortable aura.

This is especially useful for conference rooms and hallways. If you have a single floor dedicated to your workspace, using a light color scheme can be very effective in brightening up the place and making it look airy. Besides, neutral, light colors make it easier to pick furniture and other décor items.

Add a Bit More Color With an Accent Wall

We know we just suggested using light colors for your corporate workspace, but you don’t have to paint every surface the same color! Mix up your color scheme by accenting a wall with a brighter color and let the contrast set the room apart. Alternately, you can use a bright or textured wallpaper to achieve this effect.

collaborative workspace with an accented wall paired with a light color scheme

You can utilize this palette for some of the most commonly used spaces in your workspace. For example, this can be used in your lunch room, waiting room, or even a breakout room. Don’t overdo it!

A well-decorated corporate workspace doesn’t amount to much if you neglect its cleanliness and maintenance. Extra Hands Services, Inc provides janitorial services and floor cleaning services in Kansas City. Hire our commercial cleaning service today!


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