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How To Avoid Slip and Fall Accidents

When you own a business, whether it’s large or small, you should be concerned about slip and fall accidents – especially during the winter. As with anything else, safety comes and should come first for both your workers and your customers.

Especially during the winter months, where snow and ice are all too prevalent, a basic necessity is keeping your floors clean. A great way to do this is to keep mats (at least 15 feet) in the entrance of your doorways. These mats help your walk-ins clean their shoes, but also help to absorb water. Speaking of absorbing water: it is important to note that you should rotate the mats, because wet mats in an entrance way pose a threat to those who enter that’s easy to underestimate. If residual water sits on the mats, your visitors can spread the water as they walk and – once again – turn your floor into a hazard.

Proper signage is also key, as it communicates to your customers and employees that the floor may be wet. This will not only give them proper warning, but also prompt them to walk more carefully on the floor as they pass. Additionally, signage means that no one can claim they didn’t know that the floor was wet, taking liability off your shoulders.

The winter months require a great deal of diligence on the part of business owners. But by taking some simple steps to prevent water from laying on the floor, you will create a safer place of business. Our company gives you the extra hands you need to keep your floor clean and your business safe. If you are interested in learning more about having a safe, dry, and clean environment, please contact us.

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