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How Office Upholstery Makes an Impression

The first thing you see in any workspace is the upholstery that has been put up. The office furniture and design is an important part of creating a good workspace and one that is often overlooked.

In today’s blog, we discuss the importance of office furniture and why it also needs regular janitorial cleaning to stay presentable.

Minimalist office design

Creates the First Impression

The first time any potential customer, client, or new employee walks into your office space, that’s the first impression they have of your workspace, you, and your company. It may not be the fairest thing in the world, but how an office space looks often affects how people perceive the overall workspace to function like.

The upholstery in your office looking old or outdated will give off a bad impression to people walking in the first time, and it doesn’t help instill trust in your ability, even though it may not have anything to do with the workspace.

Sets the Tone for the Workplace

When you walk into any workplace, you get an idea of what sort of work they do by the setup they have going on. IF the office you’ve walked into has a lot of differently colored chairs and tables, has paintings on the wall, and an open cubicle style of seating, then you’re probably in a creative workspace. If it’s modern furniture, with a fixed color scheme and people in suits, then it’s probably a more corporate environment. The office upholstery creates the workspace that sets the mood for the office.

Creative workspace

Reflects the Office Environment

How your office and its upholstery are treated is a pretty good sign of the type of workspace you are in. Dirty and old furniture that hasn’t been maintained will probably be an office that doesn’t have a great environment. “If a workspace doesn’t maintain its furniture, where else are they cutting costs” is a thought that will occur to many visitors. Having a clean workspace can be a sign of a good work environment that isn’t being cheap in its workings unnecessarily.

Keep your office and its furniture clean with the help of our commercial cleaning services. Extra Hands Services Inc. helps you maintain your office furniture through regular cleaning and maintenance work. Always give off a good impression regardless of whether you are in a medical facility or a warehouse that needs cleaning.

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