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Here’s Why Your Office Needs Professional Upholstery Cleaning Services

a conference room in an office

You have an office. You have employees. Do you have enough?

We wouldn’t say so. An office needs more than just people—who, by the way, bring in heaps of dirt and filth every day to work. Are you sure you have invested in all the right things?

Looks More “Profesh”

Bean bags and minimalistic décor doesn’t exactly cut it. It all kisses the dust if you aren’t taking care of the dust. A dingy office room with oppressive air and foul forebodings is never a good idea. People won’t want to join your workplace, and clients won’t want to work with you.

Not investing in upholstery services is an idea worse than putting your hand in a toaster and checking if you’re bread—and that one’s bad enough.

Healthier Environment

a conference room in an office

Millennials prefer healthier environments. They’re concerned about their health and wellness. We’re guessing your young workforce has—or will have—quite a ton of millennials in the days to come. That means you need to ensure that they find the workplace to their liking.

Moreover, a healthier environment ensures fewer people taking days off. That’s less work lost, more productivity, greater employee morale, and fewer losses on your end. No more backlogs, no more disgruntled or unproductive employees—it’s a win-win situation.

Longevity for the Furniture

How much do you spend, on average, on office furniture? The standard price is anywhere between $120,000 and $140,000, whereas high-end prices range from $210,000 and $300,000. That’s a lot of you. And that’s not even counting in the cost of office supplies.

Imagine pooling that much money into something and not even taking care of it. Furniture will hold for now. For next year. Maybe for the next five years. But it will begin to soon deteriorate if you continue to treat it dismally.

Ensure that your furniture gets the treatment it deserves before you have invested in thousands of dollars again in five years’ time.


Mold is a health hazard of the highest degree—and it looks bad enough to tell you that. However, the catch is that it’s often too late—and by the time you notice its nefarious roots reaching out and threatening the foundations of your building, you might already be facing some damages.

In order to ensure nobody is threatened by the possibility of mold growing in your building, you need a professional upholstery service provider to help you.

Professional Upholstery Services for Kansas City Offices

Reach out to Commercial Cleaning Experts if you have an office in Kansas City and want to keep it spick and span with professional upholstery services.


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