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Harmful Chemicals In Commercial Cleaners To Avoid

A bunch of hazardous floor cleaners in Kansas City

The health and safety of employees is the number one priority for building owners and facility managers. Failure to do so could result in legal action taken against them. They have to keep the workplace clean to ensure employees are safe. Hiring a commercial or janitorial cleaning service can take that burden away from your shoulders. They can offer consistent cleaning to keep your workplace hazard-free.

Before you hire any local cleaning company, it’s best to ask them a few questions. The main question you should ask is regarding the cleaning solutions. They should provide effective cleaning, but that doesn’t mean the cleaning solutions put others at risk. Here’s a list of hazardous chemicals in cleaning solutions you should ask cleaning services never to use in a workplace environment.

1. Nonylphenol Ethoxylates (NPEs)

This is a chemical that is dangerous to the environment. It breaks down into toxic compounds, which act as an endocrine disruptor. It can affect fishes, birds, and mammals. If ingested, it can reduce their reproductive capacity.

2. Antibacterial Solutions

Cleaning solutions shouldn’t contain antibacterial. Using them can lead to the emergence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, which are difficult to kill. They can also form carcinogenic chemicals when exposed to sunlight or water.

A bottle of antibacterial solution in Kansas City.

3. Ammonia

The chemical has a pungent smell, which can irritate the respiratory tract when inhaled. It also causes burns when it comes in contact with the skin. It’s usually found in floor cleaners. It can become poisonous if small traces are swallowed.

It’s also used in floor and tile cleaners. If the cleaner contains this chemical, ask your commercial cleaner to use a different cleaning solution.

4. Butyl Cellosolve

The chemical is also known as butyl glycol, glycol monobutyl, and ethylene. It is another chemical that is toxic when ingested. It can cause irritation in the lungs and has the potential of causing bone marrow, kidneys, and nervous system damage. It’s mostly found in all-purpose cleaning solutions.

5. Diethanolamine (DEA) And Triethanolamine (TEA)

The chemical can break down into carcinogenic compounds and penetrate through the skin. DEA and TEA are mostly found in cleaners and detergents. Ask the professional cleaner to use DEA-free or TEA-free products.

6. Naphthalene Or Para Dichlorobenzene (In Mothballs)

The chemical is another carcinogen that can damage the eyes, liver, kidney, and nervous system.  It’s mostly used as an insecticide and as toilet deodorant.

It can be tough to search for safe cleaning solutions. Contact Extra Hands Services to get safe cleaning services.  We use green seal certified cleaning products to ensure safety. We are a reliable cleaning company that offers commercial and janitorial cleaning services in Kansas City. We provide our services to different industries, including warehouse, manufacturing, and medical facility cleaning.

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