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Green-Seal Certified Products and Why We Use Them

Do you know that Green Seal was the first organization to work toward eliminating colors, harmful fragrances, and asthma-causing agents from paints and cleaning products?

So if you’re conscious about your business’ carbon footprints and want to invest in cleaner, greener business practices that can help reduce adverse environmental impact and improve industry reputation, Green Seal is a great choice.

As an advocate of green cleaning products and techniques, EHS’s is here to tell you all about Green Seal products and their benefits.

What is Green Seal?

Green Seal Inc. is a non-profit organization that encourages businesses and homeowners to adopt cleaner and greener solutions. They promote green cleaning products and award a unique Green Seal certification after analyzing the components and effects of different cleaning products.

Green Seal certification is ideal for letting consumers know what exactly their cleaning products contain and their eco-impact. At Extra Hands Services, we believe in maximizing environmental safety and reputational value for our clients. Our team uses Green Seal-certified cleaning products that meet all commercial cleaning standards and codes.

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Why Do We Use Green Seal-Certified Cleaning Products?

Green Seal-certified products are tested for their impact on air quality, energy efficiency, carbon emissions, and allergen production. The label is recognized by 95% of the consumer base in the US and serves as one of the most trusted green certifications for cleaning supplies.

Green Seal-certified cleaning products do not contaminate natural resources like water, air, and gas. They’re also tested for industrial and commercial applications.

The environmental standard development and certification organization also provides awards to subcategorized products used for carpet care, upholstery cleaning, and floor cleaning.

What Else Should You Look for Along with the Green Seal Certified Products?

When choosing a commercial cleaning company, you should ask if they use Green Seal-certified products. CRI labels are another key certification that businesses must understand. Short for The Carpet and Rug Institute, CRI awards the Seal of Approval to safe carpet cleaning products. They test cleaning solutions for their pH, color protectant, and moisture retention levels.

Take a Green Approach to Facility Cleaning and Management with Extra Hands Services in Kansas

Extra Hands Services is an IICRC-certified commercial cleaning company in Kansas. We specialize in commercial floor, carpet, and upholstery cleaning services. You can also hire our competent janitorial staff for your business facility.

And the best part is that we use Green Seal-certified cleaning products that can help you cut down business insurance premiums! Talk to us for more details or to schedule a service now.

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