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Germ Prevention 101

With cold and flu season upon us once again, germ prevention is a necessary topic. Though getting sick is sometimes unavoidable, many colds and other contagious illnesses can be prevented through a dedicated approach to germ eradication. This is especially important in areas in which there are lots of people. Choosing a reputable cleaning service is the first step in ensuring optimum health and productivity in the workplace and guarantees that the following areas are sanitized and safe.

Common Areas – The areas in which people gather are the worst for harboring germs. Water fountains, counter spaces, fax machines, and coffee pots are all areas which benefit from a regular and intense cleaning.

Computer Stations – The computer keyboard often harbors more germs than a toilet. Just as a computer requires periodic systemic cleaning, the computer keyboard needs a thorough wipe down at least once a week.

Restroom Maintenance – Due to the communal nature of lavatories in the workplace, maintaining a clean and sanitized restroom is imperative. Lavatory surfaces are frequently touched and can be the source of many bacterial microorganisms. In addition to making sure the restroom in thoroughly cleaned every day, avoid touching countertops and door handles and use only paper towels or a hands-free drying system to dry your hands.

It is estimated that illness costs businesses an average of 576 billion dollars a year. Maintaining a clean and sanitized environment reduces productivity loss significantly, and provides a healthier, more pleasant work space for employees. Explore the option of using a janitorial service, if your budget allows. It is an efficient means of ensuring optimal health for everyone involved.

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