Leaders for Precise Floor Cleaning Services

Dirt build-up can reduce the shine of commercial flooring systems, and long-term build-up can lead to floor integrity problems. When commercial flooring is not professionally sealed and waxed by a specialist, it can become damaged over time requiring a costly repair or replacement. EHS is offering a trusted floor cleaning service that will protect their client’s floor for the long term and keep them looking their best.

Our leading class floor stripping, waxing and sealing solutions can help clients retain the aesthetic appeal of their flooring systems. Our flexible flooring solutions can be provided either as a one-time service or as part of a long-term maintenance contract in order to meet specific industry regulatory requirements. At EHS, a custom-made cleaning service is just a phone call away.

When a client chooses EHS for their industry floor cleaning requirements they benefit from:

Our Eye for Details

Our in-house team understands the complexities of cleaning industrial floors in tight spaces and in which equipment is located. Therefore, we offer the proven ability to effectively clean even the hardest to reach flooring areas by overcoming operational obstacles. Our team takes great care and pride in their work and so we ensure all flooring is cleaned to the very edges for a complete floor cleaning solution.

24/7 Access to Unique Floor Cleaning Services

Our local Kansas City clientele will also have the advantage of accessing our experts 24-hours-a-day-, 7 days-a-week. This is ideal for those with unique floor care requirements that arise on short notice. Whether clients require scrubbing and cleaning solutions for flooring or have more complex maintenance needs, the EHS team is always ready to be deployed.

Driven to meet unique client demands, the trained staff at EHS is now ready to help clients achieve an optimal floor cleaning solution. Contact us today to learn more about this service.