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Floor Cleaning Tips To Help Your Home Shine

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Floor cleaning is an extremely crucial part of keeping any space clean, whether residential or commercial. While people spend an exorbitant amount of time while choosing the most elegant flooring that exudes a sense of luxury in their homes and offices, another vital aspect that is often neglected while making the best choice is maintenance. It is equally important that your floors are easy to maintain while giving a contemporary look.

Regardless of what type of floors you might have got in your homes or offices, it’s essential to keep them clean, not only for sanitation purposes but also to ensure they look pristine and shiny as new! Since all floorings are required to be cleaned in particularly specified ways, we’ve rounded up a few ways to make floor cleaning chore hassle-free and effective.

#1 Hardwood Flooring

With the right kind of care, combined with the occasional recoating, hardwood floors will usually last a lifetime! They are both enduring and beautiful and add a rustic charm to any space by making it nothing less than stunning!

Expert Tip: Use as little liquid and lower wringing frequency as much as possible while mopping hardwood floors to avoid warping or sheen loss. While it’s recommended to vacuum, you can also use vinegar and water solution followed by a mild-warm water rinse but remember to dry the floors to remove any excessively retained moisture.

#2 Tile Flooring

Tiles make a space look exquisite instantly! If you’ve used tiles to spruce up your home or office space, you might understand that they are durable but sometimes challenging to clean. The grout between the tiles is primarily a nuisance as it can hold on to debris accumulation and stubborn stains.

Expert Tip: Start by sweeping the space to remove any dirt from the surface. Now take equal parts mixture of hot water and vinegar and try scrubbing your floors. For the grout stains, you can use a sturdy toothbrush. Mop it with clean water, in the end, to wrap up!

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#3 Marble Flooring

Although marble floors are typically thicker than hardwood or tile floorings, they scratch much more easily. You need to be extra vigilant when rinsing marble flooring to ensure you don’t lose the gorgeous flooring’s shine or make it dull.

Expert Tip: Firstly, avoid all acidic cleaning solutions, including vinegar. It is recommended to use a highly diluted mixture of water and ammonia to mop marble floors. Once you’re done, use a soft towel or microfiber cloth to dry the floor. Tada, it’s done!

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