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Finding Fun in Student Germ Fighting

Deep cleaning your campus regularly can make all the difference in an outbreak and a school filled with excellent attendance for both you, your staff and most importantly your students. Hidden corners, floors and other surfaces (especially frequently touched objects) can host some pretty nasty bugs that are quite resilient. If not put in check, these little problem areas can become big problems like mold, grime and bacteria ridden breeding grounds just waiting for little hands to find them. Yikes! Having a professional janitorial service regularly clean the spaces you cannot reach or heavy traffic areas that are difficult to clean is vital to the health of your entire student and faculty body. But what can you do in between cleanings to make the most of your services and keep a tidy, happy, healthy school?

Colds and flu and stomach bugs… oh my! When parents send their little guy or girl back to school, they are also sending them back to a bevy of buggies other kids carry in that are looking for a new home. For your school, sick days for kids also mean more sick days for your staff and more vital days missed for your kids. Absenteesim can negatively affect State and Federal funding. Don’t let your students, staff or budget fall behind due to germs. These fast and fun tips can help you keep your students germ free in between Extra Hands visits… and having fun while doing so.

Germ Busters!

Here at Extra Hands we know that teachers do not have nearly enough time to teach, much less disinfect. But making staying clean a game will always leave your students happy to play along. Place a giant cut out of a paper super hero on your wall and craft some mini “germs” to go up too. Every time everyone remembers to wash their hands, remove a germ from the wall. If someone forgets, add a germ. When all the germs are gone have a cookie party! We would even be happy to stop by your classroom and help teach your little guys and girls all about the importance of hand washing… or watch this fun YouTube video with your class!.

The Mayor of Clean Town

Every day choose an official ambassador of clean to help keep your classroom tidy and to encourage germ prevention. These tidy uppers help keep everything tip top and earn a small prize or fun shaped eraser for their hard work. You can even hold elections for different positions on your clean squad just make sure there is a position for everyone so no one gets left out. Who knows… maybe you are fostering your very own future CEO of Extra Hands. We love to hear about how much your class enjoys keeping the germs at bay.

Red Rover, Red Rover… Send Extra Hands Right Over!

Prevention is the best way to stop germs in their tracks and with bus loads of little guys and girls sometimes you just need a little help keeping germs at bay. Routine cleaning and proper disinfection of surface being touched by those little hands is your best bet. Extra Hands can be your extra hands when you need them most, contact us today to find out how our professional cleaners can assist in maintaining a healthy environment for learning.

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