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Facility-Wide Solution — What’s That Look Like?

According to the recent statistics published by OSHA, more than 3.4 million workers in the US experience workplace, AKA occupational injuries, and illnesses. Most of these problems are caused by poor workplace hygiene and maintenance.

The report also states that the said occupational injuries cost businesses an estimated $97.4 billion in claim coverage and compensation.

Therefore, creating and implementing a facility-wide cleaning and maintenance program is crucial for improving workers’ satisfaction and well-being. In this detailed blog, our team at Extra Hands Services has highlighted the key components of a thorough and effective site-wide solution. Let’s take a look at them.


A Comprehensive Cleaning Schedule

First things first, a workplace cannot run efficiently without a detailed cleaning plan. Cleaning doesn’t only pertain to wiping the floors and dusting off the window; it requires a regular and emergency response cleaning staff.

You should consider hiring a commercial janitorial services provider for maximum performance. At EHS, our janitors are equipped with the latest cleaning tools, green-seal-certified cleaning supplies, and professional training.

You can count on us to make your workplace cleaner, brighter, and safer!

Professional Floor Cleaning is Crucial

Floor cleaning is the most important aspect of a workplace’s cleaning and maintenance plan. It’s more important for warehouses, factories, drug stores, and medical centers as these facilities are the most difficult ones to clean. Dirty floors can pose severe health risks.

Grime and dust create an unsafe environment and can give rise to skin and breathing problems among your employees. Extra Hands Services offers advanced floor cleaning services for commercial facilities. Our cleaning techniques can improve your floor’s quality and longevity and make it look as good as new.

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Commercial facilities have high footfall. From employees and clients to customers, patients, and cleaning staff, everyone is busy getting their things done under one roof. This means more dirt, contamination, and germs within a facility. Your workplace should have a rapid and regular carpet cleaning crew for timely vacuuming, pile lifting, and deep cleaning.

Carpet cleaning and upholstery maintenance are important for your workplace’s aesthetic appeal and hygiene. Our staff uses safe cleaning products and advanced tools for quicker and more efficient commercial carpet cleaning. Learn all about EHS’s services here.

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