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Facility Cleaning: A Comprehensive Approach

In the fast-paced world of business, maintaining a clean and healthy workspace is essential for productivity, employee morale, and overall success. Extra Hands Services (EHS) stands out as a trusted partner, offering professional, cost-effective, and tailored facility cleaning solutions designed to prioritize the health and success of your organization.

Cost-Effective Solutions

One of the key advantages of outsourcing your cleaning services to EHS is the significant cost savings. Traditional in-house cleaning teams often come with hidden expenses, including cleaning supplies, equipment maintenance, hiring processes, training programs, and employee wages. EHS takes care of all these aspects, providing a streamlined and cost-effective solution that allows you to allocate resources more efficiently.

Facility Maintenance Excellence

EHS is committed to setting high standards in building maintenance. Our team ensures that your workspace not only meets cleanliness expectations but exceeds them. With efficient follow-ups and a deep understanding of building maintenance, we guarantee that your facility remains in top-notch condition. Our expertise goes beyond the surface, addressing long-term building integrity and contributing to a healthier, more productive environment for your employees.

Reduced Workload

Managing a facility involves numerous responsibilities, and EHS is here to lighten your workload. Our comprehensive janitorial services cover everything from daily cleaning routines to specialized tasks, minimizing paperwork and administrative duties. By outsourcing your cleaning needs to EHS, you can focus on your core responsibilities, becoming a more effective leader and contributing to the growth of your business.


EHS takes pride in being a dependable partner for your facility cleaning needs within the KC Metro Area. Our longevity in the industry speaks volumes about our commitment to excellence, and our responsive team is dedicated to resolving any issues promptly. We hold ourselves accountable to deliver exceptional results, providing you with peace of mind and a reliable cleaning solution.

Flexible and Customized Solutions

Every organization is unique, and EHS understands the importance of tailored solutions. We accommodate specific requests by offering flexible and customized cleaning services that cater to various industries and individual preferences. Whether you need weekly or daily cleaning, EHS has the flexibility and versatility to meet your requirements. Our client-centric approach ensures a personalized experience with real-time data, custom quality reporting, and an extra layer of insurance.

Choosing Extra Hands Services for your facility cleaning is a strategic decision that goes beyond cleanliness. We offer a green cleaning approach that addresses cost-effectiveness, building maintenance excellence, reduced workload, dependability within the KC Metro Area, and flexible solutions. Elevate your workspace with EHS and experience a transformative facility cleaning experience that sets the standard for professionalism and efficiency. Contact us today to embark on a journey towards a cleaner, healthier, and more successful workplace.

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