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Everybody Wins: The Benefits Of Having Green Janitorial Services

The green-cleaning movement, which uses environmentally friendly chemicals and equipment, is becoming mainstream and well established in the janitorial-services industry. Many companies are attaining Leadership in Engineering and Environmental Design (LEED) certification by engaging in a green-cleaning program.

“For most cleaning and building professionals,” says Stephen P. Ashkin, president of The Ashkin Group, and the CEO of Sustainability Dashboard Tools,“…green cleaning is now the de facto standard when defining a green building…we have come a long, long way in reducing cleaning’s impact on the environment.”

There are many reasons to implement a green-cleaning program. Building occupants, building owners, and the janitorial-services company, all benefit from working in a less-toxic environment.

Here are the top three reasons why many companies are choosing to join the green-cleaning movement:


1. Building occupants and janitorial employees will experience improved health.

The reduction in exposure to the toxic chemicals found in traditional cleaning products can result in employees taking fewer sick days away from work. Building occupants are also less likely to experience allergic reactions and asthma attacks when they work in a green environment. As result, there is a reduction in medical costs and sick days.

2. Building owners better protect their investments.

Over time, caustic, harsh, and abrasive cleaning products damage buildings. Green products are less harmful, so building owners can protect their assets and property value. Additionally, because green products are less harmful, building owners face less legal liabilities by limiting building occupants’ exposure to toxic cleaning products.  

3. There is better control of cleaning costs.

Green janitorial products often require less product to do the same job as other chemical products. When green janitorial products are diluted correctly, it reduces the overall amount of the cleaners used, while maintaining efficiency.


The team at Extra Hands Services understands the challenges that businesses face in keeping their facilities clean. For more information on how we can help you, or to learn more about the environmentally friendly products we use, please contact us for a consultation.

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