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Ensure Safety And OSHA Compliance With Professional Cleaning Services

While engaged in the day-to-day workings of your enterprise, it’s easy to forget one of the most important responsibilities you have as a business owner: OSHA compliance and safety. Ignoring or neglecting to ensure compliance can be devastating mistake.

Obviously, every business owner wants to do their best to ensure the safety of their employees.  However, when it comes to janitorial issues, many businesses lose focus on safety.  Leaving janitorial matters to untrained staff or to individual contractors may be exposing your business to serious OSHA violations.

What exactly is involved in OSHA compliance with regard to safety and janitorial responsibility? It may be a lot more than you think.

You must ensure that your cleaning staff is well-trained in OSHA guidelines and standards, with a strong emphasis on safety compliance.  Regular safety training must be performed regarding the use of ladders, wet cleaning around sources of electricity, how to properly vacuum stairwells, the use of personal protective equipment, and how to prevent slips, trips, and falls.

Regular training on how to use cleaning chemicals safely is also important.  You must ensure that your safety data sheets for each chemical used in cleaning your business are kept up to date and completely accurate, and that all personnel using cleaning chemicals has access to the safety data sheets in a centralized location.

For medical offices in particular, training on Bloodborne Pathogen Standards as set out by OSHA is a significant piece of your comprehensive safety protocol.  A detailed exposure control plan and determination of exposure procedures must be part of any training in this area.  Janitorial workers must be carefully trained regarding the disposal of sharps and biohazardous materials.

Each of these training areas must be addressed on a consistent and regular basis.  Inventory and safety audits must also be a part of your safety plan to comply with OSHA guidelines and reduce the number of safety issues your business faces.

Complying with all these guidelines often proves to be both labor-intensive and costly for small to mid-sized businesses.  For many, hiring a professional cleaning service is the reasonable answer.  Contract cleaning services with an emphasis on OSHA training and compliance is a cost-effective strategy that can provide a clean, safe, and healthy working environment for your employees and customers, giving you peace of mind.

For more information about how a professional cleaning service can work with you, please contact us.  We will be happy to show you exactly what we can offer in the way of maintaining a safe and healthy workplace.

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