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Don’t Let Cold & Flu Season Dampen Your Workplace Productivity

Illness costs businesses thousands of dollars every year. Sick employees miss work or worse yet, come to work and spread germs and illness around the office. Proper and routine cleaning and disinfecting is the best way to remove and kill dangerous germs, but there are some extra precautions the office occupants can take.  Following just a few simple tips can help prevent the spread of germs and protect you and your coworkers from the millions of bacteria infesting your office.

The single best way to reduce the spread of germs is to wash hands!

The single best way to reduce the spread of germs in the workplace  is to wash hands!

1.  Wash Your Hands – This advice is pretty elementary, but it bears repeating. Washing hands frequently helps stop germs from spreading. Put up reminder signs in the bathroom and kitchen areas to encourage staff to wash their hands frequently.

2.  Keep Sanitizing Wipes Easily Accessible – Billions of germs hide in commonly used places like your phone, mouse, and keyboard. In fact, studies have shown that the surface of your office keyboard could actually be dirtier than the toilet seat. Keeping sanitizing wipes handy encourages employees to give their work station a quick cleanse before starting their daily activities.

3.  Be Wary Of Your Reusable Water Bottle – Reusable water bottles are great for the environment. They are also great for harboring and encouraging germ growth. Just like any other dish or utensil, reusable water bottles should be thoroughly cleaned daily. Do not just rinse the bottle with clean water. Be sure to use soap and hot water. Furthermore, stick to stainless steel bottle as they tend to attract less bacteria.

4.  Empty The Trash Regularly – Nobody likes to deal with trash. It’s tempting to just avoid on overly full trash bin or one that has a noticeable smell, but promptly emptying in trash bins helps stop the breeding of bacteria especially during cold and flu season when bins become littered with used tissues.

5.  If You’re Sick, Stay Home – If your employees are sick, encourage them to stay home to prevent spreading germs around your office. More importantly, if you are sick, stay home. Lead by example, do not try to tough it out when you are sick. This only encourages employees to put work first and their health second.

Again, first you have to be sure your building and building surfaces are ROUTINELY cleaned and sanitized. Extra Hands Services can do this for you! For more information on how our comprehensive and documented approach can help your office, contact us. Our experienced team provides expert janitorial service catered to your specific needs.

Has the flu already hit your office? Rest assured, our team can provide a thorough deep cleaning to help stop the spread of additional germs.  Our commitment to environmentally friendly products not only ensures your work space is clean but also free of harmful chemicals. We’re here to help keep your staff healthy this cold and flu season.

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