Seamless Cleaning Solutions to Keep Your Organization On-Track

Within large industrial warehouses, it’s imperative to retain a clean environment. Any spillages or leaks could put employees in danger or lead to operational downtime, costing the company large amounts of money in the process. To reduce this potential hazard, growing distribution companies with high capacity warehousing centers now require the assistance of cleaning specialists such as the team here at EHS. We offer expert distribution cleaning, warehouse cleaning, and building cleaning services across Kansas City.

Cleaning warehouse spaces on a regular basis will enable companies to comply with industry regulatory standards and improve the quality of the product they deliver to clientele. From EHS’s expert warehouse floor cleaning services to our long-term full commercial maintenance plans, we can help distribution companies retain their reputation for quality.

Our company’s distribution center cleaning services include:

Warehouse Floor Cleaning

We use only the industry’s best performing, environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions for our warehouse cleaning services. Our experience in this area means we’re able to customize a specific cleaning management plan for industry-specific warehousing venues. We can also carefully clean warehouse floors on which medical supplies, food products and other environmentally sensitive materials are placed.

Warehouse Janitorial Work

EHS offers a distinct range of restroom and social area cleaning options for warehousing facilities. Our team has an innate understanding on how to locate area germs and deliver a proactive cleaning solution to prevent bacteria from appearing in the future.

Office Area Cleaning

For clients with office areas attached to their warehousing facilities, maintaining a clean office environment is crucial. As an addition to our array of cleaning services for distribution services, we offer distinct carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning solutions for busy office spaces.

Full-service cleaning expertise is now available for your facility. To learn more about our company or to receive a free quote on potential cleaning work, contact our in-house staff directly today.