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Different Floor Types and Their Maintenance Procedures

Did you know that covering 500 square feet of area with flooring may cost up to $3000? With the high expense of flooring, it becomes vital for commercial facilities or homeowners to take a few extra measures to maintain their flooring, as changing flooring may take a large chunk of your earning.

We turned to the experts in floor cleaning in Kansas City for floor maintenance tips, so keep reading for expert advice on maintaining different flooring types.

Different Floor Types and Their Maintenance Procedures

Here are expert floor maintenance tips to keep different types of floorings in pristine condition.

Wooden Floors

Since almost all types of flooring are usually cleaned with water mixed in a cleaning solution, many people use water to clean wooden floors. However, little d they know that water causes more harm than good to wooden floors.

Water can severely damage wooden flooring — especially if it is not treated with polyurethane. The best way to clean wooden floors is always to use a cleaning solution made specifically to clean wooden floors.

Concrete Floors

Compared to other types of flooring, concrete floor maintenance is quite simple. Vacuuming or dusting your concrete flooring once or twice a week can help keep it looking tidy.

You may also clean your concrete floors using a mop and a bucket of water containing a moderate cleaning solution every two weeks to remove any unwanted stains and dirt lodged in the crevices of the flooring.

Pro Tip! Applying floor wax or sealer to concrete flooring every few months can also help you maintain the appearance of your concrete floors.

Stylish White Marble Flooring

Marble Floors

Nothing beats the look of well-maintained, shiny, clean marble flooring. The best way to achieve this look is to clean your marble flooring with warm water and a pH-neutral cleaning solution. Doing so will help keep the flooring looking brand new and prevent its color from fading.

A coating of sealant is extremely important if you have marble flooring since this type of flooring is porous, which can make it sensitive to moisture and cause it to retain grime and dirt easily.

You can apply marble sealer to prevent water from penetrating the tiny pores on your marble flooring. If you are unsure about applying a marble sealer, you can hire professionals to do the job for you.

Vinyl Floors

The best way to keep vinyl flooring well maintained is to clean it regularly with a mild cleaning solution — made specifically to clean vinyl surfaces. Moreover, vinyl flooring can be susceptible to moisture, so you must never allow water to sit on it for a prolonged time. Cleaning any water spills on the vinyl flooring right away can help ensure it does not sustain any water damage.

Bottom Line

Following the floor maintenance tips mentioned above and knowing what measures to take to maintain your flooring is the best way to prolong the life of any flooring. If you want your floors to look brand new at all times, consider hiring the experts at Extra Hands Services, INC— the top cleaning company in Kansas City to do the job for you.

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