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Debunking 3 Myths of Janitorial Services

Commercial cleaning services can put the mind at ease as they provide proper, efficient, and thorough cleaning of the facility. Janitorial services not only provide cleaning but also include maintenance and repair work. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of misconception surrounding janitorial services in Kansas City, here’s addressing three myths for you:

Myth #1: Janitorial Service are a Rip Off

Hiring commercial cleaning specialists doesn’t cost you a fortune! They’re fairly affordable and are often presented with flexible payment plans. Most companies are happy to tailor cleaning plans that fit your budget. This typically includes all services that link to cleaning, maintaining, and repairing. Extra Hands Services, INC., will even throw in carpet and upholstery cleaning services when you need them.

Myth #2: Green Cleaning is a Scam

No, it isn’t! Commercial cleaning specialists consider the company’s concerns regarding carbon footprint. They use green cleaning products, i.e., that require less water and don’t release harmful chemicals. Extra Hands Services, INC., uses eco-friendly products that don’t damage surfaces and materials or affect people’s health.

Myth #3: You Should Be Delegating Cleaning Tasks to Employees

This is a no, no, and no. The office staff is meant to only execute its primary responsibilities related to business expansion or revenue generation, which have been mentioned in their job description. While you may establish rules that require all employees to keep their workstations clean or throw garbage in dedicated bins, asking them to mop and clean the floors just wouldn’t be fair and may result in a lack of morale and productivity when performing their usual jobs.

Janitorial duties include cleaning, maintaining, and repairing a building

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During its years of service (i.e., since 2008), Extra Hands Service, INC. has established itself as an award-winning commercial cleaning service in Kansas City. The EHS team provides janitorial cleaning services in Kansas City, guaranteeing safety and dependability, usage of environmentally friendly products, and a comprehensive management system that facilitates warehouses, factories, medical facilities, and other commercial buildings. Apart from janitorial services, we also provide carpet and upholstery, as well as floor cleaning services in Kansas City at affordable rates.

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