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Create a Safer Work Environment with Commercial Janitorial Services

Keeping your business clean with commercial janitorial services isn’t just about keeping up appearances. Hiring janitorial services is also for the safety of your staff. Having a clean work environment can be a proponent of safety. An office with a high population has the potential as a breeding ground for germs. Getting it cleaned often will help reduce the number of germs and keep the breeding low, especially during flu and cold season. While some of it can be done by employees from time to time, it also should be done by a trained professional who is aware of cleaning commercial properties.

Having a clean office space extends from the common surfaces touched to the floors, trash and any other areas that need to be cleaned and straightened often. Yes, bathrooms, doors and desks need to be cleaned, but the floors need to be swept, vacuumed and mopped to stay clean and prevent slips or contamination of the air and surfaces. Dust and particulates, if they build up, can be an irritant to employees. The dust can also harbor disease, like hantavirus from mouse waste.

Don’t leave your business uncleaned or rely on your non-janitorial employees to be detailed in cleaning. Contact us at Extra Hands Services for more information on our commercial janitorial services for your Kansas City business. We will professionally clean your office or commercial business to help you and your staff healthy and safe all year long. Call us today at 816-396-6234 to schedule an appointment or find out more.

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