• Keeping your commercial floors clean is a challenge at any time of the year, especially in winter. The natural flow of traffic from customers, sales personnel and other visitors has a greater potential for tracking in mud, sludge, salt and other debris, leading to tougher carpet stains. Contracting with a professional company to do the work has major benefits that go beyond the light cleaning that your or company personnel can do on your own.

    Professional Appearance

    When customers come into your office they often subconsciously assess the premises. Dirty and greasy carpeting with multiple stains gives the impression of an unkempt and careless business. By using professional carpet cleaning services, you’ll not only improve the look of your carpeting, but the overall impression your company has. Your premises will not only look better, but feel better too!

    Removing Allergens

    Everyone has heard of sick building syndrome where occupants of home or businesses suffer from respiratory illnesses because of interior pollutants. Many of those toxic substances reside within carpet. Molds, dust mites, bacteria and other undesirable substances can hide deep within the fibers. Professional carpet cleaning uses high-powered machines that can extract more dirt and allergens that will leave your office carpeting virtually free of toxins.

    Improved Environment and Cost Savings

    Professional cleaning brings out your carpeting’s potential and makes it last longer. Dirty carpets wear more quickly. A regular cleaning schedule is less expensive than replacing your flooring. In addition, the regular removal of toxins from your carpet leads to better air quality, which will reduce the load on your building’s HVAC system and result in energy savings.

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