1. 4 Office Cleaning Tips Everyone Should Know

    As offices reopen across the country, people are opting to come into the office a few days a week. Therefore, employers must ensure that employees feel safe in their workplace environment. They should also encourage following the safety protocols in the workplace and make sure it is clean and germ-free. (more…)…Read More

  2. 3 Hot Zones In The Office That Are Germ Magnets

    Do you also avoid shared workspaces after the pandemic? People have become more aware of germ transfer in crowded places, especially offices. That’s why for safety reasons, many offices went online instead of asking their employees to come in and risk their safety. But as things have settled down after the vaccination round, many employees have opted to come back into the office for a few days a…Read More

  3. A Quick Guide To Effective Window Cleaning

    Do you find it frustrating to peer outside your window and not be able to see clearly because of all the dust and grime build-up? It can be even more annoying when your workplace desk is by the window, and you have to stare at the dirty, grimy window all day. It can be sad when you have to choose blinds over the view of a sunny sky on a bright day. Window cleaning can seem like the easiest chore …Read More

  4. Surface Clean Vs. Deep Clean: Your Guide To Carpet Cleaning

    Carpets at the office take a lot of abuse from shoes, coffee spills, and inks stains. But it adds to the overall ambiance and theme of the office design. Frequent vacuuming and periodic cleaning can extend the life of any carpet and rug. It’s important to schedule bi-annual carpet cleaning with a local commercial cleaning service for a deep clean. Because the carpet acts like a giant air filter,…Read More

  5. How To Choose A Commercial Office Cleaning Service

    Choosing the right cleaning service is important because a neat office reflects well on customers, clients, and employees. The appearance of your business and workplace is the first thing people can notice while they visit your property. And amid the pandemic, it is more important to ensure cleanliness, follow SOPs, and disinfect surfaces regularly. Therefore, maintaining a clean office can be ess…Read More

  6. A Complete Guide To Cleaning And Maintaining Office Upholstery

    Whether your employees are snacking at the desk or a customer spilled their coffee on the sofa in the waiting room, what steps you take after it all is very important to ensure your office remains clean and tidy. You can either have your in house cleaning team handle it or call a commercial cleaning service The problem with office furniture and chairs is there is a significant amount of upholster…Read More

  7. Tips And Tricks To Keep Your Desk Clean And Organized

      Do you know having a clean workspace can help you function more efficiently? If you have been having difficulty getting things done, just look around you. Is your desk space tidy? A clean desk can be visually pleasing to the eye and help you focus on important information, and increase productivity. It can be difficult to concentrate if you constantly divide your attention between the clutter …Read More

  8. Benefits of Hiring Professional Cleaning Services In The Healthcare Industry

    The healthcare industry is responsible for protecting millions of lives every day. And patient satisfaction is the top priority for every medical institution and one of the best ways to ensure that is to provide a clean, sterile and comfortable environment to them so they make a full recovery from their illnesses. However, medical cleaning cannot be taken lightly. It has to be done according to gu…Read More

  9. Your Spring Cleaning Guide For 2022

    Did you know your keyboard has more bacteria and dirt than a toilet seat, according to the national center for research? Big and small offices alike need the annual deep cleaning just like any household. Depending upon the size of the office, designated cleaners need to maintain the space and conduct regular maintenance and disinfection to maintain workplace safety. Keeping the office neat is esse…Read More