When you need Kansas City commercial carpet cleaning, where do you go? Ask any of your business friends who they go to and they’ll tell you: Extra Hands Service. For almost 10 years we’ve been providing excellent commercial cleaning services to a variety of clients in the Kansas City area. Each solution is totally catered to the individual client’s needs and expectations.

We understand the challenges that different industries face and the requirements they must meet in their facilities. For this reason, we make sure that we provide comprehensive strategies to meet those challenges effectively. Businesses who need to keep a professional appearance at all times can count on us to develop a strategy for you that keeps things easy. We firmly believe that one way to stay competitive in an ever-changing business arena is to maintain cleanliness throughout your place of business.

Within an office environment, keeping up with carpet cleaning is a must not only to keep up professional appearances, but to ensure that your office is clean and free of allergens that could be harmful to you and your employees. A clean office also helps boost the moral of the office while showing visitors that you care about your business, your employees, and the way you appear to others. We offer vacuuming, pile lifting, spot cleaning, and deep cleaning to ensure that your office is up to your standards and ours.

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