Clean goes beyond not having clutter, dirt and dust when it comes to a commercial space. It helps more than with the appearance of a business.

It keeps people in work. It is a proven fact that having a clean work environment helps to keep the employees at work instead of at home sick. Surfaces around the workplace are a prime place for germs to spread, but dust and dirt can contribute to the spread of germs and can be irritating to people’s sinuses and respiratory systems. However, having a clean office with good air quality will allow employees to work without irritation. They will also be more likely to come to work healthy.

Productivity will improve with an office that isn’t filled with clutter and dust. Having a space that’s clean and ready to go at the beginning of each day takes a mental load off employees. This can start the day well, instead of employees having to come into a space that needs to be cleaned up before starting the day.

A clean office is also about appearance and can benefit your company when others come into the business. Making the right impression on your guests, customers and patients is important. They may not remember the clean, but they will remember if there are dust bunnies in the corners or smudges on the windows.

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