Imagine that a tree in your yard is on fire. In the frenzy of putting it out, you grab the closest container of liquid that you have, and throw its contents on the flames. Instead of dampening the flames, you’ve made them bigger. Looking down, you realize that the closest container you happened to grab was a gas can.

When cleaning, just as when you put out a fire, you have access to some resources that will help, and many that will not. Some cleaners and cleaning methods will aid you in your efforts to clean responsibly, and to protect your assets, and some will only cause more damage. Here at Extra Hands Services Inc, we pride in using the right cleaners to protect your assets and increase their longevity.


Ultimately, simple maintenance aids asset longevity. If something is cleaned irregularly or incorrectly, then dirt and germs are able to collect and grow, causing the item to degrade. Tony Wheelwright, the chairman of the IICRC says, “The number one way to make sure your carpet lasts a long time is to make sure it’s cleaned correctly and on a regular basis.”

The bottom line is that investing in proper professional cleaning, by people who know which products and methods are appropriate for your needs, protects those assets that you have put time and money into preserving, and ensures their longevity.

Using The Right Cleaners

The article Training and Development Needs Within the Cleaning Industry explains that there are two different methods of cleaning. Choosing the right one makes all the difference. For example, there is hard FM (Facility Maintenance), which focuses on maintaining the building, and soft FM, which pertains to maintaining the daily operations of the building. The article goes on to say that, “Using the wrong choice of cleaning equipment or materials can damage the surface area; this can prove to be an expensive mistake. Whilst accidents do happen, cleaning operatives that have had the correct training provide a much lower risk solution.”

Simply put, using the wrong cleaning products — like using hard FM products for soft FM jobs — can be detrimental to the longevity of your building and its assets.

Extra Hands Service, Inc specializes in training our employees to know exactly which cleaner to use to clean and protect your assets. Please contact us today for a free consultation of our cleaning services.