Besides time, what’s our most precious resource? Air! Total absence of the air we breathe is fatal quicker than loss of any other thing! Yet we take it, and it’s purity, for granted. Air quality, especially indoors, should matter to us. We can’t control the outdoors, but how must we keep indoor air clean?

Dirt Happens.

And it’s perpetual. Like breathing. We’re glad you keep experiencing both of them. What we do everyday improves indoor air quality (IAQ). Our business: help you breathe while we hurt your dirt. As in evict it and improve the air you and others breathe at work and elsewhere. Specifically, here’s 3 ways we help you breathe easy:

Janitorial Services – A service necessary for any business. Proficiency in regularly disposing of daily “work debris” is vital for fresh healthy air in the office.

Carpet and upholstery cleaning – Sometimes overlooked, the gradual buildup of soils, spills, etc. is one of the usual suspects causing less than healthy air. We know how to handle it by using the latest environmentally friendly cleaners and methods to clean your carpet and furniture.

Hard floor sanitizing – Not only will soils land on and buildup on carpet and upholstery, but on hard floors as well. That’s why you need our team to expertly strip, wax and seal the hard surfaces you walk on and work on everyday.

Let’s clear the air

As in “let us”. Because our services provide clean fresh air inside your workplace. Our technicians use HEPA vacuums and Green Seal Certified cleaning products. Our regular clients (medical buildings such as outpatient care, vision care and surgical services) would settle for no less. We’d love to have you as a regular client too, so contact us literally anytime and we’ll prove that our services are like a breath of fresh air!