Happy New Year
Image Credit: NASA/JPL

The party was great. Nobody made any horrible faux pas. The employees feel well-rewarded for their efforts and you feel good about team engagement in the company among administration, management and staff. But the place is a little messy. Leftover cups and napkins litter the building. There’s a spill or two around the serving area. It looks like somebody dropped a whole plate of food on the other side of the room and one of the band members must have kicked over a drink on the make-shift stage. And the smell is indescribable.

Yeah, it was a nice party, but you’ve been working hard too. Your family would like to see you and you’re ready for some quality time at home or out with friends and family bringing in 2016 with a Bang. Don’t let worry about warehouse cleanup put a damper on your holiday spirit!

Give Extra Hands Services a call at 816-396-6234. Our staff is ready to help you clean away the clutter and have that work space ready to welcome everybody back after the New Year. We understand that cleanliness and safety go hand-in-hand and we know you need help you can trust.

That’s what we specialize in. It’s our business to know how to get those messy spots cleaned up and to know what cleaning agents will do the job right the first time. Contact us as soon as you put that eggnog down and let us know how we can help get your business ship-shape after the party.