Regular warehouse cleanup is a necessity, regardless of the industry. The warehouse may be in the manufacturing, distribution, retail, restaurant, or medical field. Regardless, keeping the warehouse clean is a best business practice, as well as a necessity.

Why is it a necessity and not just a cosmetic endeavor? Warehouses tend to be fast-paced. People and product are on the move. Trash on the floor can lead to slip, trip, or fall accidents. In a medical facility, excessive dust negatively impacts hygienic goals. In inventory situations, left-over bits of inventory shoved under shelves affect the inventory numbers. Warehouse_photo_smLiquids or oil leaked from high loaders can lead to accidents. Bits of rubbish, strapping, or sawdust can infiltrate machinery, impair performance and even incapacitate machines. Overflowing trash cans can block aisles and make the movement of people, machinery, and product difficult, if not impossible. In a warehouse, space is at a premium. The warehouse does not need to become an internal trash can.

Contact us if the problems mentioned sound familiar and you are struggling to overcome them. Yes, it would be great if everyone working the warehouse lent a helping hand to keep things picked up on a regular basis. The reality is, it often does not happen. There may be the lone worker or two who will pitch in and try to do their best, but not every warehouse culture lends itself to internal cleaning. If you are struggling to keep yours clean, or if a dirty warehouse has become a liability in terms of safety or production time, contact us for a solution tailored to your needs.