1. Winter Is Coming: Preparing Commercial Carpets for the Cold

    With winters just around the corner, are you doing enough to keep your commercial carpets clean? Unlike spring and other seasons, winters often invite more foot traffic due to the end of the year. Since the end of the year is usually the time to discuss the plans and proposal for the next year it isn’t uncommon that many clients come visiting the premises. Thus, increased foot traffic! So, how c…Read More

  2. Worried About Spills After A Christmas Party In The Office? We Have Got You Covered!

    Merrier times are just around the corner. With Christmas around, many offices are busy organizing a holiday-themed party for all the employees and staff members. Talking of parties, there is going to be some spillage and if you have your office floors carpeted, it makes sense if you are worried about them getting stained. Carpet stains can be hard to clean after – especially in the office. Unlik…Read More

  3. How to choose the perfect office carpet

    The perfect office carpet is a real deal-maker or breaker for the interiors and choosing one is quite straightforward. However, there are some things you need to consider to ensure you pick the right one. Here are some tips that can help: Consider foot traffic If your office experiences high foot traffic levels, then your carpet will feel the brunt of it. To ensure it lasts for years, choose one t…Read More

  4. How Dirty Carpets Affect Your Brand Image

    If you opted for carpeted floorings when your office or retail shop was under construction, we don’t blame you! They are the very best to give that touch of elegance and superiority to any environment. However, if you haven’t been keeping up with the maintenance that carpeted floorings require, then you probably don’t have a lot of happy customers. The look of your office or your retail shop…Read More

  5. The Beauty of Commercial Carpeting

    If you are currently in the midst of renovating your office or workspace, then it must interest you to know the vast variety of floorings you can get. Among all the different types of flooring options that are available in this day and age, carpeted floorings continue to be on the top of the list of preferences, of a majority of people. The beauty of carpeting is truly undeniable. Carpeted Floors …Read More

  6. Carpet Cleaning Secrets You Wish You Knew

    Carpets undergo punishment on daily basis. That’s understandable because they experience the most foot traffic and retain stains that refuse to disappear. The professionals know how to clean them to make them as good as new and now so can you. The following are carpet cleaning secrets the pros don’t want you to know: Use heat Candle wax is stubborn and if it gets on your carpet good luck takin…Read More

  7. 5 Tips For Carpet Maintenance

    In recent times, wooden floorings have gained a lot of popularity, but carpeted floorings still continue to rule as the number one choice of people for offices and retail shops. While wooden floors or tiled floors are a lot easier to clean, they don’t offer the look that carpeted floors do, especially in work environments. However, many offices have busy environments and with so many people leav…Read More

  8. The Benefits of Keeping Your Carpets Clean

    Workplaces, retail shops, and offices have to make sure that they have floorings that not only complement the environment, but can also be trusted to uphold weight and last a long time. Carpeted floorings are still one of the best and most popular flooring options due to the durability and longevity that it offers. There is a plethora of benefits that come with carpeted floorings. However, carpets…Read More

  9. The Importance of Carpet Maintenance

    Carpeted floorings are one of the best and most common types of floorings. Not only do they give a place that perfect touch of elegance, they also lift the ambience up when done correctly. However, many people seem to forget that carpet floorings require a great amount of maintenance too. Or else, the life of the carpet tends to reduce. How Long Do Carpets Last? Most carpet floorings have a lifesp…Read More

  10. The pros and cons of installing carpet tiles in the office

    Carpet tiles look gorgeous in an office and create a peaceful ambience at the same time. Besides making your office space look good, they are easy to maintain as well. However, not all that glitters is gold and carpet tiles are not an exception to this rule either. Before investing in them, consider the following pros and cons: The Pros… Easy Installation – Carpet tiles are available in a rang…Read More