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Clean Floors Are Safe Floors

Clean, clutter-free warehouse/manufacturing workplace floors are key to safety and productivity in the workplace.

Slips and falls are one of the most frequent and costly causes of injury on the job. This could result in workman’s comp, medical expenses and possible legal expenses. If the injury requires an extended healing time, a new employee will have to be trained to fill the injured employee’s position.

While OSHA has regulations concerning work site construction and organization to help prevent falls, daily activities contribute to the fall risk. Workers themselves track in mud, water, snow, or sand. The processes involved in the work may cause litter or debris build up on the floor throughout the day. Production materials or drinks may be spilled.

Any of these things can create slippery, sticky or cluttered pathways that affect employee’s footing as they move from one space to another, often with their hands and arms full and usually with their minds occupied with the job at hand.

Immediate clean-up of any substance on the floor is imperative to protect your employees and yourself. Keep warning signs on hand to mark any potentially hazardous area until appropriate cleaning measures are taken and make sure to keep basic supplies like brooms, dust pans, and paper towels accessible. Liquids should also be covered and sealed when not in use.

Provide space where employees can store their personal items during their shifts so that nobody trips over handbags or knocks over coffee or water containers. Create routine times during shifts when employees can clean up the ordinary debris of production and shipping.

Clean floors are an investment worth making. Contact us for more ideas about how to create a clean, safe work environment.

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