1. A Complete Guide To Cleaning And Maintaining Office Upholstery

    Whether your employees are snacking at the desk or a customer spilled their coffee on the sofa in the waiting room, what steps you take after it all is very important to ensure your office remains clean and tidy. You can either have your in house cleaning team handle it or call a commercial cleaning service The problem with office furniture and chairs is there is a significant amount of upholster…Read More

  2. How Office Upholstery Makes an Impression

    The first thing you see in any workspace is the upholstery that has been put up. The office furniture and design is an important part of creating a good workspace and one that is often overlooked. In today’s blog, we discuss the importance of office furniture and why it also needs regular janitorial cleaning to stay presentable. Creates the First Impression The first time any potential customer,…Read More

  3. Why you Should Hire Professional Upholstery Services

    A lot of money goes into buying furniture, which means a lot of effort needs to be expended on its protection and maintenance. Just like flooring, furniture is quite vulnerable to wear and tear. It requires protection from mucky hands, dust, debris, and drink spills. Paying adequate attention to furniture maintenance will make sure it endures in the long run. This will ultimately lower what you sp…Read More

  4. Here’s Why Your Office Needs Professional Upholstery Cleaning Services

    You have an office. You have employees. Do you have enough? We wouldn’t say so. An office needs more than just people—who, by the way, bring in heaps of dirt and filth every day to work. Are you sure you have invested in all the right things? Looks More “Profesh” Bean bags and minimalistic décor doesn’t exactly cut it. It all kisses the dust if you aren’t taking care of the dust. A di…Read More

  5. Upholstered Furniture Maintenance: A Guide for Your Office

    Soft, velvety couches and cozy armrests certainly make work environments more comfortable. Instead of spending several hours sitting on stiff and rigid chairs, your employees can relax and work more comfortably using upholstered seating. However, upholstered furniture also requires more care and maintenance. Here’s what you should do to maintain your office upholstery. Vacuum the Fabric Regularl…Read More

  6. Cleaning for Asset Protection

    When you look around at your office, what do you see?  Everywhere you look, there are items that your business depends on.  From the carpets you walk on to the chairs you and your clients sit on every day, you're surrounded by assets that are necessary in order to maintain the appearance of your business.  Asset protection and longevity isn't always at the forefront of your mind as you're goin…Read More

  7. Get Ready for Your First Banquet with Extra Hands Services

    If you own and operate a public meeting space or banquet hall, spring is the time of year when you begin to see business pick up and more events being held in your venue. At Extra Hands Services in Kansas City, we know how difficult it can be to stay on top of a regular cleaning schedule, but with a wedding or reunion every weekend, you have to keep your space looking bright and new. With our comm…Read More

  8. Keep Your Office Furniture Fresh with Our Upholstery Cleaning in Kansas City

    If your office hosts several customers throughout the week, your chairs and sofas experience quite a bit of use. Without proper care, office furniture can begin to look worn and tired much sooner than it should. At Extra Hands Services, we offer experienced commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning in Kansas City, keeping your furniture fresh for all the customers and visitors that you see each we…Read More