1. Facility-Wide Solution — What’s That Look Like?

    According to the recent statistics published by OSHA, more than 3.4 million workers in the US experience workplace, AKA occupational injuries, and illnesses. Most of these problems are caused by poor workplace hygiene and maintenance. The report also states that the said occupational injuries cost businesses an estimated $97.4 billion in claim coverage and compensation. Therefore, creating and imp…Read More

  2. Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Janitorial Service For Your Office

    Are you a regular business owner looking for janitorial services for your offices? Your business can certainly benefit from a professional janitorial service. Because as a business owner you must be running operations full-time, managing your team and customers, planning marketing, and more. So, amid all the chaos and hustle, it can be easy to overlook the cleanliness of the workplace. However, th…Read More

  3. The Differences Between Deep Cleaning and Standard Cleaning

      When it comes to cleaning, you have two options: deep cleaning or standard cleaning. Both are necessary for a healthy home, but they differ in their level of focus and intensity. Deep cleaning is more involved than routine cleaning. It includes carpet cleaning, hardwood floor buffing, window washing, and even drywall repair/replacing. The primary goal of deep cleaning is to make your home look…Read More

  4. Benefits of Professional Commercial Janitorial Services

    A thoroughly cleaned and spotless office is a significant determinant of corporate success. At times, when your in-house janitorial team isn't able to keep up with the task, you might need to hire an external cleaning service. We especially recommend seeking professional cleaning help in the time of a pandemic when sanitization requirements are high. Here are some of the benefits of hiring a prof…Read More

  5. Is Your Office Cleaning Crew Doing a Good Job? How Can You Tell?

    As a business owner, you need to be just as particular about office cleanliness as your monthly targets. Just like you care about your deadlines, you also need to make your workplace a healthy space for the employees, clients, and other visitors. Here are a few ways you can check whether your in-house cleaning staff is doing a good job: Observe the crucial areas Take a closer look at all the facil…Read More

  6. Why It’s Important to Hire a Commercial Janitorial Service During the Pandemic

    The pandemic has changed how we carry out or sanitization processes. Businesses are reevaluating their practices to keep their workplaces germ-free, clean, and healthy. This is why now is the right time to hire a janitorial service for your commercial facility. Here’s why we think so: Use of industry-grade cleaning solutions Over the past year, sanitization needs have changed. As a business, you…Read More

  7. 3 Warehouse Maintenance Tips to Swear By

    Warehouses are huge spaces stocked with inventory. If you are a producer or run your own business, the warehouse becomes the backbone of the operation. Everything needs to be sorted out, in place, and properly managed. Such a lot makes it easy for you to lose track of how to best maintain a warehouse. Thankfully for you, we’ve got some ideas. 1. Inventories Inventories can’t be left ignored e…Read More

  8. The Essential Elements of Workplace Housekeeping

    When it comes to workplace housekeeping, the term incorporates much more than simply cleaning, dusting, and mopping. Workplace housekeeping encompasses offices, factories, warehouses, and other manufacturing and distribution facilities.   Workplace housekeeping cannot be overlooked as it protects the employees from getting injured, strengthens the brand image, and enhances the environment. If pro…Read More

  9. How To Avoid Slip and Fall Accidents

    When you own a business, whether it's large or small, you should be concerned about slip and fall accidents - especially during the winter. As with anything else, safety comes and should come first for both your workers and your customers. Especially during the winter months, where snow and ice are all too prevalent, a basic necessity is keeping your floors clean. A great way to do this is to k…Read More