1. Best Window Cleaning Practices for Medical Facilities

    Medical facilities adhere to strict cleaning procedures for sanitation and hygienic purposes. They also strive to maintain good aesthetics to provide a healing environment. Part of the aesthetics come from large windows that extend from the ceiling down to the floor. We at Extra Hands Services meet all the industry regulations for maintaining outpatient clinics, surgical centers, eye-care service…Read More

  2. How Professional Cleaning Services Can Impact Your Staff’s Productivity

    There are multiple factors driving employees forward. These factors include an intrinsic motivation to prove themselves, the paycheck and remunerations, and the workplace environment. Besides the quality of your leadership and a collaborative working environment, your staff wants a physically comforting office. It’s why most of the top management in the USA today invests in their office’s deco…Read More

  3. 10 Office Spots that Are Dirtier Than You Think!

    You must have heard that our mobile phones contain more bacteria than our toilet seats. It’s not exactly an exaggeration since we make a lot more contact with our cell phone screens. Office spaces get covered with germs and bacteria with time. There is a flow of employees and all sorts of people coming in and going out. Interestingly, it’s not just the office floor that receives all the dirt, …Read More

  4. How to Prevent Contamination at Your Food Distribution Center

    Food distribution centers improve the health conditions of thousands of people daily by facilitating their access to food. But, the same centers pose a deadly risk to consumers. Contamination at food distribution centers is a health hazard. They can also lead to the suspension of your center by the federal government. You need to meet all the food distribution compliance to ensure smooth operation…Read More

  5. How We Can Prevent Accidents In The Workplace

    Effective commercial cleaning means more than just keeping your workplace shiny and dust-free. Business spaces must have a routine maintenance and upkeep crew that can improve workers’ safety and prevent unfortunate injuries and accidents. High safety standards can be quite conducive to productivity and employee satisfaction. They prevent workplace injuries and disease transmission. You should h…Read More

  6. 5 Benefits of Professional Warehouse Cleaning

    Warehouse cleanliness isn't just about complying with federal and state laws—it plays a vital role in keeping your business up and running. A messy and dirty warehouse can enhance downtime, increase the risk of accidents, and ultimately impact your bottom line. Here are some ways in which professional warehouse cleaning can benefit your business. 1. Enhanced Production Warehouse cleaning is an i…Read More

  7. 3 Changes You Can Make to Help Improve Patient Satisfaction at Your Hospital

    Studies have previously found that several hospital patients are often disgruntled with the hospital care they receive—and aren’t likely to recommend the medical center ahead. They were dissatisfied back in 2008, and they were dissatisfied in 2019. Patient dissatisfaction, in fact, has long been a focus of study and research. What, then, can implore these patients to recommend your medical cen…Read More

  8. Maintaining Health and Safety in Industrial Settings

    Mental and physical well-being of the employees is necessary to promote an optimistic and productive workplace environment. Health and safety in industrial settings shouldn’t be perceived as a complicated task. Here are some of the ways you can maintain health and safety at your workplace: Prevent Slips and Falls Non-fatal injuries like trips and falls are one of the major cause of number of abs…Read More

  9. Housekeeping at Workplace

    Workplace housekeeping should be religiously followed in all commercial settings like retailers, distributers, manufacturing facilities, and offices. The idea behind workplace maintenance and housekeeping is to promote a healthy and safe culture for the employees and all other stakeholders. Read on to know why housekeeping at workplace matters and how can you create an effective plan to promote it…Read More