1. 5 Benefits of Professional Warehouse Cleaning

    Warehouse cleanliness isn't just about complying with federal and state laws—it plays a vital role in keeping your business up and running. A messy and dirty warehouse can enhance downtime, increase the risk of accidents, and ultimately impact your bottom line. Here are some ways in which professional warehouse cleaning can benefit your business. 1. Enhanced Production Warehouse cleaning is an i…Read More

  2. 3 Changes You Can Make to Help Improve Patient Satisfaction at Your Hospital

    Studies have previously found that several hospital patients are often disgruntled with the hospital care they receive—and aren’t likely to recommend the medical center ahead. They were dissatisfied back in 2008, and they were dissatisfied in 2019. Patient dissatisfaction, in fact, has long been a focus of study and research. What, then, can implore these patients to recommend your medical cen…Read More

  3. Maintaining Health and Safety in Industrial Settings

    Mental and physical well-being of the employees is necessary to promote an optimistic and productive workplace environment. Health and safety in industrial settings shouldn’t be perceived as a complicated task. Here are some of the ways you can maintain health and safety at your workplace: Prevent Slips and Falls Non-fatal injuries like trips and falls are one of the major cause of number of abs…Read More

  4. Housekeeping at Workplace

    Workplace housekeeping should be religiously followed in all commercial settings like retailers, distributers, manufacturing facilities, and offices. The idea behind workplace maintenance and housekeeping is to promote a healthy and safe culture for the employees and all other stakeholders. Read on to know why housekeeping at workplace matters and how can you create an effective plan to promote it…Read More

  5. The Importance of Vacuuming the Office Carpets Regularly

    You cannot simply imagine the havoc that microscopic allergens hiding deep inside the carpets of your offices can cause to your employees who have dust allergies. Yes, dust mites and other allergens, despite being invisible to the naked eye, can trigger allergic reactions in people, such as wheezing, rashes, coughing, stuffed nose, and rhinitis. Dust mites, pollen and dander are blown inside along…Read More

  6. A 2016 Resolution: Maintaining a Clean Warehouse /Manufacturing Facility

    Regular warehouse cleanup is a necessity, regardless of the industry. The warehouse may be in the manufacturing, distribution, retail, restaurant, or medical field. Regardless, keeping the warehouse clean is a best business practice, as well as a necessity. Why is it a necessity and not just a cosmetic endeavor? Warehouses tend to be fast-paced. People and product are on the move. Trash on the flo…Read More

  7. How To Avoid Slip and Fall Accidents

    When you own a business, whether it's large or small, you should be concerned about slip and fall accidents - especially during the winter. As with anything else, safety comes and should come first for both your workers and your customers. Especially during the winter months, where snow and ice are all too prevalent, a basic necessity is keeping your floors clean. A great way to do this is to k…Read More

  8. Don’t Let Cold & Flu Season Dampen Your Workplace Productivity

    Illness costs businesses thousands of dollars every year. Sick employees miss work or worse yet, come to work and spread germs and illness around the office. Proper and routine cleaning and disinfecting is the best way to remove and kill dangerous germs, but there are some extra precautions the office occupants can take.  Following just a few simple tips can help prevent the spread of germs and …Read More