1. 3 Warehouse Maintenance Tips to Swear By

    Warehouses are huge spaces stocked with inventory. If you are a producer or run your own business, the warehouse becomes the backbone of the operation. Everything needs to be sorted out, in place, and properly managed. Such a lot makes it easy for you to lose track of how to best maintain a warehouse. Thankfully for you, we’ve got some ideas. 1. Inventories Inventories can’t be left ignored e…Read More

  2. 3 Changes You Can Make to Help Improve Patient Satisfaction at Your Hospital

    Studies have previously found that several hospital patients are often disgruntled with the hospital care they receive—and aren’t likely to recommend the medical center ahead. They were dissatisfied back in 2008, and they were dissatisfied in 2019. Patient dissatisfaction, in fact, has long been a focus of study and research. What, then, can implore these patients to recommend your medical cen…Read More

  3. What Kind of a Carpet Should Your Office Have?

    What kind of carpet should your office have? A good one, definitely. Certainly, but there are too many good carpets out there. Too many choices. And how are you supposed to choose the right carpet for the right place? Selecting the right carpet for your office shouldn’t be as difficult as choosing what next to watch on Netflix—but it is. And we can help you do it. The Questions You Should be A…Read More

  4. Make a Stellar First Impression on Potential Clients with These Tips

    Got clients coming over soon, and you wish to make a great first impression on them? We’ve got just the tips you need. Dress Nicely Of course, we don’t want to be the dress police here, but the psychology is clear: how you dress has a massive impact on the people you meet. Your clothes, says Forbes, say something about you. In fact, Business Insider goes as far as to say that your dressing ha…Read More

  5. Here’s Why Your Office Needs Professional Upholstery Cleaning Services

    You have an office. You have employees. Do you have enough? We wouldn’t say so. An office needs more than just people—who, by the way, bring in heaps of dirt and filth every day to work. Are you sure you have invested in all the right things? Looks More “Profesh” Bean bags and minimalistic décor doesn’t exactly cut it. It all kisses the dust if you aren’t taking care of the dust. A di…Read More

  6. Upholstered Furniture Maintenance: A Guide for Your Office

    Soft, velvety couches and cozy armrests certainly make work environments more comfortable. Instead of spending several hours sitting on stiff and rigid chairs, your employees can relax and work more comfortably using upholstered seating. However, upholstered furniture also requires more care and maintenance. Here’s what you should do to maintain your office upholstery. Vacuum the Fabric Regularl…Read More

  7. 3 Things Every Healthcare Practice Needs to Invest in From the Get-Go

    You’re investing in doctors, medical equipment, outreach, and quality care. But is that enough for any healthcare practice to make its mark? Or can there be more things—and more important things—that you’re missing out on? A Plan B The coronavirus pandemic has taught us many things—among them, this: things are never as fine as they look. While the hospitals in Kansas City were chilling b…Read More

  8. Why Do Medical Facilities Need Professional Cleaning Services?

    How clean do you like your home? Do you leave it dirty for days on end? Or clean it once a month—or once a year, at Christmas? We bet you don’t. And why do you not do that? Because an unclean house is an open invitation for disease. You can’t continue living in a potentially disease-ridden environment. Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, we know that even clean-looking spaces can be infeste…Read More