1. Green-Seal Certified Products and Why We Use Them

    Do you know that Green Seal was the first organization to work toward eliminating colors, harmful fragrances, and asthma-causing agents from paints and cleaning products? So if you're conscious about your business' carbon footprints and want to invest in cleaner, greener business practices that can help reduce adverse environmental impact and improve industry reputation, Green Seal is a great ch…Read More

  2. How We Can Prevent Accidents In The Workplace

    Effective commercial cleaning means more than just keeping your workplace shiny and dust-free. Business spaces must have a routine maintenance and upkeep crew that can improve workers’ safety and prevent unfortunate injuries and accidents. High safety standards can be quite conducive to productivity and employee satisfaction. They prevent workplace injuries and disease transmission. You should h…Read More

  3. Our Green Cleans Just Might Lower Your Insurance Premium

    With the increasing concerns about rising global warming, more and more businesses are adopting efficient and eco-friendly solutions to reduce their overall carbon footprint. The US government has also incentivized eco-conscious commercial entities with lower insurance premiums and subsidies. A recent Fortune article guest-edited by Bill Gates, Blueprint for Climate Breakthrough, revealed that gre…Read More

  4. The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Floor Planning and Efficiency

    Form follows functions, especially for business facility designs and layouts. Frank Lloyd was correct when he said the two should be in a union to create impactful spaces. Entrepreneurs and business managers should prioritize floor plan efficiency when setting up a new office space. Your workplace environment and setting can significantly impact your productivity, safety, and well-being. A recent …Read More

  5. Facility-Wide Solution — What’s That Look Like?

    According to the recent statistics published by OSHA, more than 3.4 million workers in the US experience workplace, AKA occupational injuries, and illnesses. Most of these problems are caused by poor workplace hygiene and maintenance. The report also states that the said occupational injuries cost businesses an estimated $97.4 billion in claim coverage and compensation. Therefore, creating and imp…Read More

  6. Debunking 3 Myths of Janitorial Services

    Commercial cleaning services can put the mind at ease as they provide proper, efficient, and thorough cleaning of the facility. Janitorial services not only provide cleaning but also include maintenance and repair work. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of misconception surrounding janitorial services in Kansas City, here’s addressing three myths for you: Myth #1: Janitorial Service are a Rip Off H…Read More

  7. How to Effectively Clean Industrial Floors?

    Unique problems demand unique cleaning solutions. The cleaning and maintenance of industrial floors are no different. Abundantly made using concrete, these industrial floorings tend to demand proper, dedicated care, or else they may wear off easily. Because it's time-consuming, it's best left in the hands of professionals with years' worth of experience working with industrial floors. (more&hellip…Read More