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Best Window Cleaning Practices for Medical Facilities

Medical facilities adhere to strict cleaning procedures for sanitation and hygienic purposes. They also strive to maintain good aesthetics to provide a healing environment. Part of the aesthetics come from large windows that extend from the ceiling down to the floor.

We at Extra Hands Services meet all the industry regulations for maintaining outpatient clinics, surgical centers, eye-care service providers, and multiple other hospital buildings.

Today, we will share insights into the best window-cleaning practices for medical facilities. We follow these rules, and you should know them before hiring any service provider.

1. Using Appropriate Equipment and Supplies

We use the latest hospital-friendly, green seal-certified cleaning products. Healthcare facilities usually

have large windows, requiring additional equipment such as ladders, cradles, or scaffolding platforms. This equipment is important to ensure all window parts are cleaned.

Cleaning companies know that certain glass portions or the external side of the window are overlooked. They use customized equipment to deal with hard-to-reach areas when giving professional cleaning services. Kansas City medical facilities can expect all such areas to be properly cleaned when hiring Extra Hands Services.

2. Maintaining Health and Safety Regulations

There are multiple healthcare protocols that medical facilities follow. Professionally trained cleaners adhere to these hygiene guidelines to ensure the safety of everybody involved. The cleaners need to be physically and medically fit and capable of working at heights.

The medical facility cleaners at Extra Hands Services follow a systematic approach. We survey the area and devise a straightforward strategy and rules of conduct beforehand. We go the extra mile to ensure people and property are at zero risk of damage.

3. Timing the Window Cleaning Services

Peak hours with a heavy influx of patients are not the best time to clean windows. It disrupts the usual workflow of medical facilities and needlessly puts people at risk. You should schedule window cleaning during off-peak or low-traffic clinic hours.

It helps to list out the services required and the expected duration in which the cleaning work is done. The duration of the window cleaning job depends on the number of windows, sizes, and locations.

4. Pre-Cleaning Inspection

Before engaging a professional cleaning service, medical facilities can invite them for a pre-cleaning inspection. By checking the area to be cleaned and understanding the cleaning requirements, cleaning professionals can better execute their plans.

5. Keeping Things Flexible

A conducive and collaborative environment yields better results. Medical facilities have time-sensitive operations as well as emergencies to tend to. Any cleaning services they hire must understand the nature of their job and maintain flexible terms.

The medical facility cleaning providers at Extra Hands Services provide 24/7 emergency cleaning services and operate at the highest environmental management standards.

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