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Benefits of Professional Commercial Janitorial Services

A thoroughly cleaned office.

A thoroughly cleaned and spotless office is a significant determinant of corporate success. At times, when your in-house janitorial team isn’t able to keep up with the task, you might need to hire an external cleaning service. We especially recommend seeking professional cleaning help in the time of a pandemic when sanitization requirements are high.

Here are some of the benefits of hiring a professional team for this purpose:

Professional appearance

In the world of business, an everlasting impression is a key to success. You want your potential clients and visitors to be wowed by how clean, pristine, and spotless your office is. A potential client is more likely to sign a deal with a business that looks presentable, professional, and credible. They don’t like walking into a business facility with stained carpets, overflowing trash bins, and dusty desks. It only makes you look like that the office is into some shoddy business work. On the other hand, good business housekeeping increases client confidence in your products and services.


A less competent office cleaning service will always make you pay more for a task than it’s worth. Lingering dust and odor also take a toll on your furniture and other office belongings’ longevity. Besides, heavily stained carpets also experience higher wear and tear compared to cleaner carpets due to deeply ingrained dirt and dust. Getting a new rug or getting your old dirty furniture renovated obviously means higher expenses for your business. There will be no need to store smelly mops and dusty brooms in the cupboard. The janitorial service will bring their own cleaning machinery, cleaning solutions, and equipment—as and when needed.

One-stop solution

A good cleaning service caters to all of your cleaning needs in one go. Whether you need the workstations mopped, floors cleaned, or the carpets disinfected—they’ll do it all. This will also save you a lot of hassle and hidden costs of signing multiple cleaning partners. Besides, paying a single vendor is always more financially viable than dishing out numerous checks for your staff.

Extra Hands Services Inc. checks all the boxes mentioned above effortlessly. We specialize in several cleaning services for commercial clients, including floor cleaning, carpet cleaning, and janitorial services. Get in touch if you’re based in Kansas City. We are catering to distribution, manufacturing, and medical sectors.

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