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Benefits of Hiring Professional Cleaning Services In The Healthcare Industry

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The healthcare industry is responsible for protecting millions of lives every day. And patient satisfaction is the top priority for every medical institution and one of the best ways to ensure that is to provide a clean, sterile and comfortable environment to them so they make a full recovery from their illnesses.

However, medical cleaning cannot be taken lightly. It has to be done according to guidelines set by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and APIC (Association for Professionals Infection Control and Epidemiology) among others.

Therefore, it is crucial to hire a professional medical cleaning service that specializes in medical cleaning and who will ensure that the entire health care facility, offices. and labs are sanitized and maintained in compliance with industry standards.

Here are some benefits of hiring a professional cleaning service in the health care industry for best results.

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Professional And Consistent Service

Many companies decide between hiring in-house janitorial services versus an outside company to handle the cleaning for commercial maintenance. But medical office cleaning requires specific expertise and high-level skills that ensure the facility and medical instruments are properly cleaned and sanitized.

This will require the facility to spend time and resources to train the in-house janitorial team for cleaning the healthcare facility, which will end up costing the facility a lot more money. By hiring Extra Hands Services INC, you will receive professional cleaning services from professionals who are trained and experienced to sterilize and clean your healthcare facility according to health guidelines and industry standards.

Compliance Guidelines:

There are many standards any health care facility has to follow when it comes to the condition of the medical offices, labs, and healthcare facilities. The medical cleaning professionals at Extra Hands Services INC, are thoroughly trained to provide quality medical cleaning services while keeping patient satisfaction in mind.

We also understand and are well trained in the standards set by the APIC, CDC, HIPAA, JCAHO, AORN, and other medical institutions, so you can be assured of your facilities’ compliance. Cleaning services done following these standards will help to avoid costly violations and will maintain a healthy environment for your staff and patients.

Healthy And Sterile Environment:

Quality sanitization and cleaning at medical offices and healthcare facilities help limit the spread of infections and diseases between patients, staff, and from the patients to the staff. Providing a clean, sterile, and quality environment will help allow your patients to recover is crucial but this must also protect the medical staff who care for patients with contagious diseases every day.

Do you know a healthier staff will also be able to provide more effective care to the patients and miss less time due to illnesses?

If you are looking for professional cleaning services in Kansas City, Extra Hands Services INC, can help you understand how to prevent cross-contamination and we are trained in properly disinfecting affected equipment as well. We provide medical cleaning and janitorial services in Kansas City. Contact us to schedule a cleaning or visit our website for more information on our cleaning services.

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