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Avoid Having to Replace Your Floors

As a business owner, one of your goals is to maintain the appearance of your building, and one area that may receive extra attention are the floors. The floors will be seen by every customer that visits you, and dirty or damaged floors can detract from their experience. Over time, as more dirt and debris reaches your floors, areas may need to be replaced and those replacements can be costly. At Extra Hands Services, our commercial floor cleaning in Kansas City will keep your floors clean and inviting, helping you avoid the costs of putting in a new floor.

If you have a tile floor, one of the most important areas is of course the grout. Since the grout is porous, it can catch quite a bit dirt and grime, and over time it can make your tile look dim and old. We can professionally clean your grout lines, keeping them free of dirt and maintaining the appearance of the tile. If you have a marble floor in your business, we will make sure to use the proper cleaning solutions and equipment, since the wrong approach can scratch or stain the marble, leaving it looking worse than before. If marble wax is appropriate for your floors, we’ll apply it to all the necessary areas.

As the year progresses and your business sees more foot traffic, it’s important that your floors stay clean, as well as safe. A damaged floor can lead to slips and falls, and you may have no choice but to replace your floor. Before it comes to that, call Extra Hands Services for commercial floor cleaning in Kansas City.

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