1. EHS Spring Social Media Challenge

    This Spring we invite you to engage with us on SOCIAL MEDIA… when you do, you’ll be entered to win this FitBit… what a great way to get in shape for Summer! Each new Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter page Follow/Like receives ONE entry into the drawing. No purchase necessary to win. Contestants restricted to full time employees of Kansas City Area businesses. Drawing will be held and announced on …Read More

  2. Keep Venue Floors and Furniture Looking Brand New

    When you host a number of banquets, weddings, reunions, or other gatherings throughout the year, your floors and upholstery certainly take a beating. Spring is usually the time of year when business picks up and more events are held in your venue, but there are often spilled drinks, dropped food, and countless shoes tracking dirt and other substances that can make your floors and furniture look pl…Read More

  3. Germ Prevention 101

    With cold and flu season upon us once again, germ prevention is a necessary topic. Though getting sick is sometimes unavoidable, many colds and other contagious illnesses can be prevented through a dedicated approach to germ eradication. This is especially important in areas in which there are lots of people. Choosing a reputable cleaning service is the first step in ensuring optimum health and…Read More

  4. Three Benefits of Commercial Carpet Cleaning

    Keeping your commercial floors clean is a challenge at any time of the year, especially in winter. The natural flow of traffic from customers, sales personnel and other visitors has a greater potential for tracking in mud, sludge, salt and other debris, leading to tougher carpet stains. Contracting with a professional company to do the work has major benefits that go beyond the light cleaning tha…Read More

  5. Cleaning for Asset Protection

    When you look around at your office, what do you see?  Everywhere you look, there are items that your business depends on.  From the carpets you walk on to the chairs you and your clients sit on every day, you're surrounded by assets that are necessary in order to maintain the appearance of your business.  Asset protection and longevity isn't always at the forefront of your mind as you're goin…Read More

  6. CLEANING: It Seems Intuitive, but Just in Case!

    Our Mothers always told us the importance of cleanliness, but not everyone thinks of those conversations when it comes to the work place. And in fact, it actually gets a little more complicated when you are responsible for the health of others. While most business owners do understand the importance of keeping a clean environment for their employees and customers, we wanted to just take a "blog m…Read More

  7. Well Cleaned Lines: The Value of Grout Cleaning

    Grout sealing isn't at the top of any hobby list, but don't underestimate the value it offers in the long run. Porous grout, the stuff that makes the neat lines between bathroom or kitchen tiles, needs to be sealed because if it isn't, it will hold moisture. Warm, moist places are breeding grounds for a whole host of unsightly and odorous things like unfriendly bacteria, mold and mildew. Dean Sim…Read More

  8. The Value of Clean = Productivity

    Every year businesses succumb to employee illnesses. This is also the cold and flu season which means germs are spreading faster. The Centers for Disease Control reports approximately 200,000 people have serious seasonal flu-related complications each year.  There are also millions of colds reported each year as well.  This can have serious consequences for a business impacted by the decreased…Read More

  9. Clean Floors Are Safe Floors

    Clean, clutter-free warehouse/manufacturing workplace floors are key to safety and productivity in the workplace. Slips and falls are one of the most frequent and costly causes of injury on the job. This could result in workman's comp, medical expenses and possible legal expenses. If the injury requires an extended healing time, a new employee will have to be trained to fill the injured employee'…Read More

  10. 5 Reasons Why You Should Clean Your Office Furniture

    The upholstery in your office can be home to more than the occasional dust ball or bread crumb. Germs can survive in places you may not think they could, for time periods you may not realize. This is what makes cleaning the upholstery in your office crucial. Here are five reasons why you will want to have that furniture cleaned, ASAP. MRSA - These nasty little guys can survive on certain mat…Read More