1. Why is Cleaning Important?

    You know that your office needs to look professional. After all, you want your clients to be focused on your business, not on the spider webs gathering by the ceiling or the dust bunnies breeding beneath your desk. However, you may find yourself wondering just how important cleaning really is. You (or your secretary) can give it a lick and a promise when you get a chance and that will be close eno…Read More

  2. The Benefits of Contract Cleaning for Your Medical Office

    Medical practices are highly regulated, subject to routine, and often have unannounced inspections. In addition to the mandates of the Environmental Protection Agency and Occupational Safety and Health Administration , medical and surgical facilities must pass site inspections initiated by the myriad of insurance carriers that credential them as preferred providers. Failing even one of these inspe…Read More

  3. Workplace Cleanliness – Validating the Cleaning Process with Quality Assurance (Part Three of Technology Series)

    A clean and healthy facility is paramount to a productive and safe work environment. We manage our people and processes for consistent high-end cleaning results. How do we do this? Extra Hands Services utilizes a state-of-the-art system where our complete facility management cycle can be documented, evaluated and optimized starting with your budget, the going through processes & training, and …Read More

  4. Workplace Cleanliness – Process Refinement and Training for Engagement (Part 2 of 3 of a Technology Series)

    As we began in the last segment, Extra Hands Services utilizes processes, performance tracking and quality assurance technology tools that enable real time insight to keep your buildings healthy and your company’s image clean. We utilize a state-of- the-art CMMS and invest the time to analyze how cleaning procedures can be fine-tuned to achieve maximum efficiency. This analysis takes someone exp…Read More

  5. Workplace Cleanliness – Planning to Your Budget (Part 1 of 3 in a Technology Series)

    Your facilities perceived cleanliness image has a major impact on image... and with today’s consumers enamored with social media, any shortcomings are tweeted, posted, liked and virtually published sometimes before the facility manager is even aware of an issue. To increase compliments and minimize complaints, Extra Hands Services utilizes processes, performance tracking and quality assurance te…Read More

  6. Environmental Responsibility in Cleaning Your Business: Using Responsible Cleaners

    The phrase environmental responsibility is something you've undoubtedly heard many times in your company. Even if you've taken more responsibility on being more environmentally friendly in the manufacturing of your products and other services, how responsible are you in keeping your company green in cleaning your company grounds? With so many industries requiring specific cleaning techniques and p…Read More

  7. OSHA Compliance and Safety Issues

    Cleaning services are a vital component to the safe and healthy operation of many businesses, across industry lines. Employees in the cleaning industry are exposed to a number of hazards on a daily basis. It is imperative that they are protected by OSHA Compliance and safety standards to assure they work in a safe and healthy environment. Three of the most common issues faced by cleaning service e…Read More

  8. If You Ever Breathe At Work, Indoor Air Quality Matters!

    Besides time, what's our most precious resource? Air! Total absence of the air we breathe is fatal quicker than loss of any other thing! Yet we take it, and it's purity, for granted. Air quality, especially indoors, should matter to us. We can't control the outdoors, but how must we keep indoor air clean? Dirt Happens. And it's perpetual. Like breathing. We're glad you keep experiencing both of th…Read More

  9. Today’s Lesson: Cleaning vs Disinfecting in Schools

    Proper maintenance of a school is an important responsibility and an absolute necessity for caretakers and administrators. There are a lot of students, teachers, and staff in a school, and that means there's a lot of opportunities to spread germs. Schools usually require professional cleaning because they need to be as safe and clean as possible. There's a big difference between cleaning and disi…Read More

  10. Environmental Responsibility: Why Choose Green Cleaners?

    Your company has probably been inundated with information about environmental responsibility recently.  It seems like everyone is going green, and increased need for sustainability is pushing your company to do the same.  Going green doesn't stop with your business practices, however.  Choosing green cleaners for your workplace can have a wide variety of benefits that you may not have anticip…Read More