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As Winter Weather Approaches, Prepare to Avoid Slip and Fall Accidents.

As the blustery winter months rapidly approach, it is time to get serious about preventing slip and fall accidents.  As a business owner, it is your legal responsibility to keep your floors and surfaces safe for employees and clients. Potential slip and fall accidents can be avoided or decreased with a little planning.

Consider these great tips for preventing slip and fall accidents this winter:

Post Warning Signs in High Traffic Areas

Post signs warning employees and clients of potentially slippery conditions in high traffic areas.  High traffic areas, such as a entryways, typically see the most slip and fall accidents because of the wet weather that comes in when doors are opened and people trudge across the floors in their wet shoes. On wet weather days, place brightly colored warning signs or cones on the floor and take extra care to dry the areas frequently throughout the day.

Add an Umbrella Stand or Provide Umbrella Bags

Keep people from dragging wet umbrellas through your business by providing an umbrella stand in entryways or providing bags to keep umbrellas from dripping on the floor.

Provide Adequate Lighting

Proper lighting increases the visibility of problem areas and helps alert people to potentially dangerous conditions. Inspect the lighting in high traffic areas to ensure that everyone can see all floor surfaces during all times of the day and night.

Use Weather Mats

Install high-quality mats in entryways.  This will help absorb the water and snow that are brought in via shoes and umbrellas. Make sure the mats are highly absorbent and install them carefully so that they won’t slide around on the floor.  Be sure to have the mats professionally cleaned regularly to prevent damage.

Enlist the Help of Commercial Cleaning Professionals

Consulting with a commercial cleaning professional can help you identify and target slip and fall problem areas.  They can also help you construct and implement a cleaning plan that will help minimize the possibility of falls.

Proper planning and regular cleaning are essential to preventing accidents this winter. If you’re looking to enlist the help of commercial cleaning professionals in the Kansas City area, Extra Hands Services, Inc. is ready to provide you with affordable and professional service.

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