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A Quick Guide To Effective Window Cleaning

Commercial cleaning workers cleaning windows outside the buildingDo you find it frustrating to peer outside your window and not be able to see clearly because of all the dust and grime build-up? It can be even more annoying when your workplace desk is by the window, and you have to stare at the dirty, grimy window all day. It can be sad when you have to choose blinds over the view of a sunny sky on a bright day.

Window cleaning can seem like the easiest chore that many of us underestimate. But case in point, even more experienced spring cleaners can need a refresher course on how to clean windows effectively. It is completely natural to want your windows to look spotless, so you can get more light into the room. But it can be tricky to figure out the right technique to clean them from the outside and inside.

Here are some tips and techniques you can use for an efficient window cleaning process. Otherwise, you can also save yourself the hassle and count on your local cleaning service in Kansas City to help you out.

 Janitorial cleaning worker cleaning window

Get Familiar With The Equipment

When dealing with dirty windows, you need to be aware of quality cleaning equipment. This can include a 10-12 inches squeegee, a ladder, towel or lint-free rags, dish soap, window cleaning solution, a 5-gallon bucket, sponge, and a scrubber. You will need to purchase a few extra rubber blades for your squeegee and make sure those rubber blades are sharp for best results.

Use Effective Cleaning Solutions

You can either use a DIY cleaning solution with a little dish soap in a bucket of water. Or you can go to the supermarket and get a professional window cleaning liquid. Some people also opt fr vinegar and water solution to clean windows. In the warm weather, you can use cool water to clean and wash windows. But in colder months, you can use a windshield washing solution since water can freeze on the glass while cleaning.

Scrub And Wipe

The first step is to scrub the window exterior and interior at all angles with a scrubber or sponge. Afterward, using the squeegee, gently wipe off a narrow area horizontally and wipe the squeegee on a lint-free towel before making the next wipe. Start from the top and work your way down. You can wipe off the excess water on the ends using the rag. Repeat the scrubbing and wiping as required until you get a pristine, clean window.

Streak-free and clean windows can feel great, and window cleaning and its workability is part and parcel of maintenance. If you don’t feel confident with your window cleaning skills yet and want to call a professional for your workplace, reach out to us at Extra Hands Services, INC. We provide quality commercial cleaning services, janitorial services, manufacturing cleaning services, and medical cleaning services to the community of Kansan City. Call us now to schedule a cleaning appointment or for more information on our  cleaning services.



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