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Environmental Responsibility in Cleaning Your Business: Using Responsible Cleaners

The phrase environmental responsibility is something you’ve undoubtedly heard many times in your company. Even if you’ve taken more responsibility on being more environmentally friendly in the manufacturing of your products and other services, how responsible are you in keeping your company green in cleaning your company grounds?

With so many industries requiring specific cleaning techniques and proper disposal, you might be missing something that’s potentially harmful. This only happens because perhaps much of your cleaning goes on in the middle of the night when you’re not around. Also, the cleaning service you use now is possibly at fault for not following proper environmental procedures, including on something as simple as your floors.

You need a professional cleaning company that understands proper cleaning solutions for your particular industry. Whether it’s in the medical field to manufacturing, you need a cleaning company with expertise in proper technique and quick responses to last-minute and challenging cleanup jobs.

Here at Extra Hands Service, Inc., we’re the cleaning company you need to get the job done correctly.

But how can you make yourself more environmentally responsible in cleaning the grounds of your company? Some steps are quite simple, while others are more complex depending on your industry.

Avoiding Environmentally Unfriendly Cleaning Products

With a proper janitorial crew keeping you floor clean at all times, you avoid using cleaning solutions when removing stains or extra dirt. Many cleaning products have chemicals that aren’t safe for the environment. Reports have shown that some of those red flag cleaning products get into the water supply and cause serious environmental harm.

You can count on us always using environmentally safe cleaning products when we clean for you. When you have your floors cleaned regularly, many cleaning products won’t need using anyway. Nevertheless, you have our commitment to avoiding cleaning solutions with toxins.

Cleaning Toxic Chemicals

We have extensive experience working for every industry you can name and understand how chemicals and other toxic substances get easily spilled or need disposing. When you have patients or business associates seeing these areas where you need a cleanup, you could face a downturn in your reputation if you leave messes in place.

You’ll have our full services for proper cleaning of chemicals, or any substances. By following proper safeguards, your location will look spotless after any spills or other cleaning situation. In turn, when customers see your attention to cleanliness, it helps your ROI in the long-term.

Contact us here at Extra Hands Services, Inc. so we can become your primary cleaning service as a way toward being more environmentally aware of your surroundings.

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