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5 Reasons Why You Should Clean Your Office Furniture

The upholstery in your office can be home to more than the occasional dust ball or bread crumb. Germs can survive in places you may not think they could, for time periods you may not realize. This is what makes cleaning the upholstery in your office crucial. Here are five reasons why you will want to have that furniture cleaned, ASAP.

  1. MRSA – These nasty little guys can survive on certain materials for up to three months. (Yes, three months!) Often times, chairs and couches get overlooked when it comes to cleaning an office area, and that oversight can be just the thing this bacteria needs to flourish.
  2. Influenza – Though it may not survive for three months on your desk chair, the flu virus can definitely last several hours there. That may not sound as bad as several months, but a few hours is all takes to transfer that virus back to you or another co-worker.
  3. Dust mitesDust mites live in fabric-covered areas and sustain themselves on the skin cells people and animals shed. They are not a biting mite, so that’s the good news. The bad news, however, is that they can wreak havoc with your allergies. That may not seem like that big a deal to some people, but to those who suffer from sinus headaches, constant sneezing, decreased lung function, and never-ending coughing, allergies can be a big deal.
  4. Head lice – Typically lice and their eggs will not survive much past 1-2 days without being on a host, but it doesn’t take 1-2 days to become infected. If a co-worker happens to sit on your desk chair, and a lice or nit falls off of them and lands on the fabric of that chair, it is inevitable that you will be the next victim.
  5. Bed bugs – Oh the dreaded bed bug. No one wants to deal with an infestation of these guys. One way to help prevent such a thing from happening is to keep your office clean and bug-free, especially your furniture. It may not be the most common means of transference, but bringing bed bugs home from the office is not rare. Keeping the upholstery in your area clean can help keep these icky creatures and their eggs away from you and your home.

If you find that you have overlooked the cleaning of the furniture in your office area lately, contact us. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and to give you a free consultation.

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