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4 Office Cleaning Tips Everyone Should Know

As offices reopen across the country, people are opting to come into the office a few days a week. Therefore, employers must ensure that employees feel safe in their workplace environment. They should also encourage following the safety protocols in the workplace and make sure it is clean and germ-free.

Office cleaning seems like a common-sense activity, but here are some tips that you should know and follow for your and colleagues’ safety:

A shared office space

Clean Your Tech Equipment

Do you have a computer, keyboard, and desktop at your table? Then these items need to be cleaned and disinfected. You may require an alcohol-free cleaning solution and a damp cloth to get started.

You can wipe other tech products like wires with alcohol wipes and sprays depending upon their surface and design. To clean other office equipment, make sure to follow the guideline and procedures as recommended by the CDC.

Keep Your Conference Room Tidy

Conference rooms are high-traffic areas. That’s why it’s essential to disinfect the conference room after every meeting because it’s a place where your clients and business partners will sit down for a meeting.

Keep your conference rooms stocked with hand sanitizers and tissues for the visitors, and make sure all the surfaces are wiped thoroughly before and after a meeting. The room should feel bright and clean when anyone in the office uses it.

Disinfect The Break Room And Kitchen

Break rooms and kitchens are shared common areas that see a lot of people coming in and out. And this can lead to an extensive germ spread if these spaces are not kept clean and tidy. Since individuals also prepare food in the kitchen, keeping the space spotless becomes even more important.

You can encourage your colleagues to wipe down the countertops with a disinfectant wipe when they’re finished preparing their lunch in the kitchen. You can also hire a janitorial service for your office who’ll clean the handles and inside of the refrigerator, the shelves, cabinets, and other interior surfaces.

Clean The Light Switches

This little area is often overlooked when it comes to cleaning offices. Everyone remembers to wipe their desks and countertops but often skip the light switches. Since fan and light switches are used by multiple people throughout the day, it is important to give them a gentle wipe a few times a day. You can use gentle surface cleaners or alcohol wipes to disinfect them.

 A janitor in kit cleaning an office kitchen

Whether it’s a musty carpet in your office or a shared workspace, professional commercial cleaning services can clean them to ensure they look spotless! Get in touch with us at Extra Hands Services, INC for janitorial cleaning services for your office. We are one of the renowned commercial cleaning services Kansas City, providing floor, upholstery, and medical cleaning services in Kansan City. Contact us for an estimate or visit our website for more information on our cleaning services.



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