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3 Ways to Keep Your Carpets Clean

Getting a new carpet for any room or building is going to be an expensive investment. You’ll want to make sure that it’s one that you can protect, as carpets are known to be quite high maintenance.

If you’re getting new carpeting for your office, then you may need to invest in getting regular carpet cleaning services to help maintain the look and cleanliness of the carpet.

Today, we’ll look at how you can ensure your carpet works for you longer as a business owner.

Carpet getting vacuumed

Get Dark and Patterned Carpet

The only real thing you can do by yourself to ensure your office carpet stays clean is to invest in something that won’t look worn out or dirty very quickly. Stay away from lighter shades of carpets like light brown, cream, or light gray. Instead, make sure you get dark carpeting across your office, ideally one that has some pattern to it. This helps make sure that its harder to spot any dirt or spills on the carpet and it doesn’t look quite as bad.

Create a Carpet Maintenance Plan

Other ways to keep your carpet clean will require you to work with some sort of janitorial service to help you keep it clean. One thing you can do is opt to get a regular cleaning schedule that divides your office up in to different areas by foot traffic.

The more people walk over your carpet the more it gets worn out. Different areas will then get different types of cleaning and maintenance to ensure that the carpet looks great from everywhere. Once you have the foot traffic and maintenance requirements down, you’ll be able to better plan their cleaning times as well. Once a regular schedule is created, your carpet will last a lot longer.

Person walking on a patterned carpet

Arrange for Regular Deep Cleaning

Another service you should opt for is getting deep cleaning done for your carpet. These can’t happen as often as daily cleanings, but once a week or, so you should get a power cleaning team to come in and get out all the gunk and dirt that can’t be reached through regular vacuuming and daily cleaning.

If you need expert carpet cleaners in Kansas City, get in touch with our team. At Extra Hands Services Inc., we provide excellent commercial carpet cleaning services, including creating maintenance plans and conducting deeps cleans. We also provide a free consultation before beginning our janitorial services to give you a clear idea of the work that will need to be done.

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