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3 Tips For Rebound: Keeping Your Office Clean During Covid-19

Covid-19 has taught us a lot about the importance of hygiene and cleanliness. The virus spreads quickly through the air and via all kinds of contact. Governments all over the world implemented strict lockdowns and social distancing measures to curtail its spread, and now that the vaccine is rolling out, there is a faint hope returning to life as we once knew it.

If you’re a business owner planning to open offices, here how you need to prepare for the rebound.

 people sitting close by on desks

1. Maintain Workplace Hygiene

Workplace health and hygiene take priority if you’re planning to prepare your office. This means you will have to disinfect, sanitize and clean all nooks and crannies in your office. And this has to be done regularly. The whole process will involve investing in disinfectants, hiring janitorial services, or doing it all yourself. Since the virus spreads through surface contact and can live for at least several hours on surfaces like desks, computers, and keyboards; prevention will involve complete and regular disinfecting.

You might need to oversee and make a list of people using public transport and help them disinfect more thoroughly before they enter office premises.

Finally, install sanitizers and disinfectants in the hallway to ensure everyone has access to it as they come and go.

online meeting

2. Rethink Workplace, Workspace, and Meetings

Managing your place is also crucial for your employees’ health. Rethink small cubicles and claustrophobic spaces to encourage the spread and transmission of viruses.

Moreover, you will have to get your staff on board and reiterate your sick leave policy. Encourage employees to stay at home in case they’re sick and make arrangements for them to work at home. Encourage and stick to virtual and online meetings instead of asking groups of people to gather in the conference room.

3. Plan Routine Cleaning and Disinfecting

Finally, carry out rotational disinfection for your office premises. Ensure your office is safe for employees at all times. Hire services to take charge of the cleaning on a daily basis.

A clean environment is great for your employees’ health and wellbeing and will help them feel like they’re cared for.

You might need the help of commercial cleaning services to help you roll out your cleaning plan. Extra Hands can help you out!

We are a janitorial cleaning service in Kansas City and offer medical facility cleaning, manufacturing, and warehouse cleaning, and building cleaning services to maintain health and hygiene standards effectively.


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