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3 Must Know Tricks for Cleaning Hardwood Floors

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Hardwood floors are expensive to install, and they require a lot of maintenance and care. The payoff is that a solid maintenance routine increases their lifespan.

Many people think that the cleaning process for hardwood floors is a lengthy one, but by implementing smart preventive cleaning measures, it can be a cinch:

3 Must-Know Tricks for Cleaning Hardwood Floors

Mop Them Regularly

Mopping hardwood floors needs to be part of your daily routine. Use a mop with a microfiber head to get any dust and grime out of the way. This should be done on a regular basis to maintain cleanliness around the house and increase the lifespan of the floor.

You can vacuum on a weekly or bi-weekly basis for this purpose. Make sure the vacuum you use has a floor cleaning brush attachment instead of a beater bar attachment; a beater bar attachment can scratch the floor.

Sometimes, a hardwood floor requires deep cleaning—usually every three months. For this purpose, use a cleaning agent according to the label instructions; soak the floor with the cleaning agent with the help of a sponge and mop it. Be quick, though, as standing water can easily harm a hardwood floor.

Mop the excess liquid and leave it to dry. If you don’t have the time to give the hardwood floor a deep clean, it’s best to seek professional help from commercial cleaning services. Our team of experts uses the best equipment and deploys the best techniques to ensure your workplace is spick and span om just a day!

Get a Wood Cleaner That Works

A wood cleaner that’s designed specifically for the hardwood floor you have is a must. Consult a wood floor manufacturer to purchase the right wood cleaner.

Many people use cleaners that are made for tile and vinyl floors. These products can damage hardwood. Make sure you read the package instructions and read over the contents before you purchase the cleaner. A wood cleaner is best for the right level of polish and shine.

Remove Stains

Hardwood floor stains are quite tricky to get out. The first thing that needs to be identified is the type of finishing the floor has. If the stain is on the surface, then the floor has a hard finish, but if the stain has penetrated through the wood, the floor probably has a soft oily finish.

Use a soft cloth to wipe off stains, and don’t ever use sandpaper or a towel, as they can leave behind harsh scratches.

Remove pet stains, heel marks, and watermarks with No: 000 steel wool and floor wax. A small amount of bleach and vinegar can also be used. To remove an oil-based stain, rub the area with dish detergent and a soft cloth, and then rinse with clean water.

These tips are helpful for cleaning hardwood floors at home. but for commercial-grade cleaning, a professional floor cleaning service should be hired, like ours. We are affordable and equipped with the tools and expertise to give your hardwood floors a deep clean. Contact us to book an appointment.

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