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3 Hot Zones In The Office That Are Germ Magnets

Do you also avoid shared workspaces after the pandemic? People have become more aware of germ transfer in crowded places, especially offices. That’s why for safety reasons, many offices went online instead of asking their employees to come in and risk their safety. But as things have settled down after the vaccination round, many employees have opted to come back into the office for a few days a week.

Therefore, facility managers have a lot to contend with regarding cleaning and maintenance standard procedures. They also have to look into the health of the building users and germ hot spots on the office floor. If you know where these spots are, you’ll be able to protect yourself in the working environment.

Here are some spots that need thorough sanitization:

A shared office space

High Touch Equipment And Areas

How often do you turn on the fan, light switches, or use the copier at your workplace? This equipment involves high-touch areas where employees frequently place their hands. Also, railing and drinking fountains are hotbeds of germs. These areas are commonly overlooked by cleaning staff.

Other areas may include shared phones, computers, stationery, etc. As an employee, you need to sanitize your desk and equipment when you come into the office. Employers need to focus on janitorial cleaning services that focus on sensitive cleaning areas for the safety of their employees.

The Office Sponges

The office sponges refer to the cleaning sponge in the kitchen areas used to wipe counters or sponges used to clean the whiteboards. These sponges become hot germ areas because they accumulate bacteria if not cleaned and can transfer bacteria and viruses among employees who use them.

You can replace office sponges with paper towels that can be discarded after use and place cleaning solutions and sanitizers in different areas of the office to stop the spreading of germs

The Good, Old Coffee Pot

Most employees cannot survive without coffee; that’s why it’s such a high-touch item in the office. However, most coffee pots get a quick rinse in the sink, but it does not kill the bulk of the germs and bacteria on the handle. Since most people don’t wash their hands quite as often, germs and fecal matter can accumulate on coffee pots.

You can instruct your cleaning staff to wash the coffee pot with dish cleaner and soap each evening, and your professional office cleaning service can make sure the rest of the high traffic areas remain clean, tidy and sanitized.

 Man cleaning an office glass door

Now, that you are aware of high traffic areas and germ spots in your office, you can decide which commercial cleaning service you should go for to stop cross-contamination.

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