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3 Germ Spots In Your Workplace That Can Lead To Employee Absences

A janitor cleaning hands in a commercial building in Kansas CityFor businesses, employee productivity is everything. Employees are the organization’s backbone, working day and day out night to achieve its goals and objectives. However, the business can lose productivity if the same employees don’t come to work. They can have several reasons for their absence, but sickness is the most common one.

According to a report on sickness and work time loss, a company loses more than 17.92 working days per employee every year due to sickness. While it can occur for multiple reasons, germs and spread of viral infections is at the top. The average American spends more than 8 hours a day in the workplace. They may contract the disease while working. Certain areas in the office are considered germ hotspots. Here is a list of these germ spots where you should get commercial and janitorial cleaning services to disinfect them.

1. Elevator Buttons

Employees that work in high-rise buildings and skyscrapers will use elevators for their convenience. According to reports, an elevator carries more than 80 people each day, which totals up to 20,000 people a year.

As you need to push the floor button in the elevator to commute from floor to floor, germs can spread from the elevator panel. Most germs are on the first floor and lobby buttons.

An employee pressing a button on an elevator in a commercial building in Kansas City.

2. Door Handles

After the elevator, the employee will eventually come across doors to get to their workplace. The door handles are another common breeding ground for bacteria. As every employee needs to touch them to enter, they also cause germ spread.

Hire a janitorial service to clean these areas regularly every day, and advise employees to use hand sanitizers after opening and closing doors.

3. Keyboards

Keyboards can get messy. They’re one kind of office equipment that gets ignored during cleaning. Bacteria can grow on them when employees eat and drink near them. They have small cracks between the buttons where food crumbs and dust can enter.

Hiring a janitorial service can take care of the problem. They can clean keyboards routinely to decrease the risk of germ spread.

Get Commercial Janitorial Services in Kansas City

Now that you’re aware of the common areas where germs can breed and grow, contact Extra Hands Services to get janitorial services for the commercial building. We are a professional cleaning company that has trained cleaning professionals operating in Kansas City. We provide the medical facility, manufacturing, and warehouse cleaning services.

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